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The "Preview" Thread

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^ looks like fun little coaster

^^ No CS and No expansions.. uhm your really getting basic, good luck! I hope you post the park

Thats kind of the point. I am starting a "chain park series" which will feature a number of parks, the goal being that you see progression in each park as I get better and better. This is more experimental as I test what textures I like and what building styles mesh. I like seeing what Ive got in my itinerary before I begin to try new CS packs, but the addition of CS is inevitable and is guaranteed in future parks.


Thanks for the responses everyone!

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My first coaster in NL in forever! All trackwork is done, all that is left are lateral supports. I'm working from my laptop so progress is a bit slower. It's supposed to have GCI qualities (read: similar to a GCI, not mimicking their style exactly) including support work. What do you think?




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"Subumus" (which roughly translates from latin to "underground") is a floorless roller coaster smashing it's way into "a park who's owner still hasn't taken the time to name".


Subumus is a mythical beast that haunted copper miners in a medieval European village. Furious that they were digging through it's sacred birthplace, Subumus sought out to destroy any who dared to soil it's homeland and would stop at nothing to keep the intruders out of sight and out of harm's way. In "Subumus", our new floorless roller coaster, you are the legendary protector of your homeland and must soar through medieval mines and forests to save your home from being dug up and completely destroyed. Standing at 135ft tall, it features a dive loop, a zero-g roll, a loop, a cobra roll, and interlocking corkscrews. That brings the total inversion count up to 7!


Theming is currently in progress, and we promise everything will be up for your enjoyment when opening day rolls around.


Featuring a surprise 85-ft drop and a cobra roll into a mining structure itself, this beast will have you screaming until the very end.

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Jake: I feel as though your pacing is going to be off with how elongated the transitions are, but it's looking like a fun project nevertheless.


CCI: Cool coaster.


I made all those straight pieces of track so I could really kind of over-do it with the theming. Like the section after the zero-g roll:


Or is this a bad idea?

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I love it so much Jeff. Perfect amount of footers. Great colors, supports, archy.


Instead of just dark red flowers. Also insert some regular red flowers too. But your foliage is also awesome. The grass under the coaster is also nice it just needs some other objects of flowers. Like the fuller grass object and the bare grass object


Brataz: Looks like something Kumba would make. Of all of TPR you have a very unique style!


CCI: Looks very simplistic and nice! Just insert some scenery archy alongside the hill to not make it seem empty.


PSI: I love that style of NCSO. Especially the wagon in the water. Clever!

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I thought I would restart my project and for the better so I can have a better outcome at the end. First thing that needed sorting was the drop and the turnaround but the main focus of this post is the drop only so here it is new and improved






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To me the crest looks a little large, and the drop is too straight. other than that it's pretty good.


Thanks for the input. I am still in a development stage but thanks for the comment and i'll see what I can do. I was working off a screenshot so i'll tweak it a little to see what I can get as I want it as good as I can get it

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