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The "Preview" Thread

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Well I've given up on RCT3. The game keeps crashing when the park is getting a little big and since the savefile is 18mb the game won't even load the park.. I really hate it because I was really happy with what I've build so far. I tried everything from reinstalling the game to reinstalling windows XP entirely. The game isn't downloaded and fully patched and All my drivers are up to date. I really don't know what I can do to keep the game from crasing/being unable to load the park


but since I did made a lot of progress, I still want everyone to see what i've made. So here it goes:



The park was going to be called Poortania: Het Geheim van Avontuur.

In English: Poortana: The Secret of Adventure


the entrance to the parking lot; theres a tram running trough the parking lot to the entrance


The parking lot with the parks entrance.


close up of the entrance with the ticket boots/information center


@ night


Once you enter the park, you'll walk trough the main street with lots of shops


at the end of the mainstreet you'll encounter the double deck caroussel


and this ride


Behind the double decker you'll find the station


Where you can catch the park's transportation


if you make aright at the station you'll see the small rollercoaster


its the ride from the blueprint I posted earlier


I really like it!


if you make a left at the station you'll find yourself heading towars monkey town


Monkey Town is a huge playground surrounded by rides and a Monkey Shelter with loads of different monkeys


and a small show, People dive of the platforms and swing around like monkeys...


ow and the area is also home to this small ride (yes that is a station fly-by


It is called Kong! (impressive uh?)


Heres a picture from above the ride/main street


and last a picture where you can see everything I've done so far


I know there are a lot of pictures, but I really want to share it. I'll keep the files so maybe in the future I'll try it again and hope RCT3 can handle it

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Just add some more small plant life in that Suspended picture, and change the footers to all gray and you have a beautiful picture that. It's good now, but it needs more "small touches" to make it well done.


Thank you. I actually redid the forest twice due to trouble with bushes and really small filler plants. And I agree about the footers. Thanks again.


Whoa. Where did you come from? That's really good. So simplistic


Haha I've been here a while. Not really a frequent updater. Thank you too. I try.

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Here are some shots from a RCT3 park I started. It's nothing special. It's my first time working with custom scenery in RCT3. I'm just trying to learn how to use all of the new scenery.


The entry plaza. A work in progress.


The un-named wooden coaster.


The station. I like "open air"stations.

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@paradisecoaster: Thanks, The Kong Coaster is the best coaster I made with RCT. I really like how it turned out. Custom Supporting it didn't take me that long. With Wooden Supporters I always make blocks. Like 2h blocks and a block for Gentle Slope and for a small/medium/large curve etc. etc. Then Save all those blockpieces with the save scenery tool and then its just like lego. Stack them below the coaster and use the appopriate pieces.


@tiger01: Thanks, I really hope Atari can help me but they haven't answered my ticket yet


SoCalCoasters: Thank you, I hope I can show you more in the future


gci2011: looks good; the fountains looks better this way. Its not that busy anymore


R.C: You used the chimney as a wall/post at your station?? haha nice touch! I like it

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