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  1. A little bit more. I'm a very slow worker. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I should go about the shrubbery?
  2. Hello TPR! I don't know if any of you remember me, but I have been on a very long hiatus from RCT2 and this website altogether. I have resumed work on a project of mine and just wanted to share it! Please excuse the crappy edit, I am not a Microsoft Paint expert!
  3. What do you guys think of the supports? Note: This isn't final or anything, just a test for supports and a little scenery. Thanks!
  4. ^ That's great! I especially like the added effect of the fog. (Unless my eyes are just seeing things ) Nice job - Got some time to work today. Is it worth keeping?
  5. ^^ thanks! ^ I agree with you about the supports. I'll keep them the same for the lift but in-game for the rest. Thanks about the station!
  6. I want to change the colors and the foliage, but I don't know what to. Anyone have any help? Thanks! 0000help.bmp
  7. If you see the ride in action, the train isn't going too fast. Thanks for the nice comment though!
  8. I redid the second half. I think it turned out pretty well! What do you guys think? teaser coaster new.bmp
  9. ^^^Djbr, top notch! ------------------------------- I'm thinking a 60-40 chance I keep this. It's kind of out there in my opinion. What do you guys think? teasercoaster.bmp
  10. ^ I honestly have no idea. --------------------------------------- Good? Bad?
  11. ^^I like the look of the buildings, very nice use of in-game objects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After about a month of not working on the park, this is what I came up with. It's not finished, and I'm having second thoughts on some parts, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Grand Carousel Unfinished.bmp
  12. I love every screen you've given us of this park yet! Fantastic job!
  13. Well hello TPR! Nice to see lots of good things in the works. ------------------------------------------------------------- Something big is coming...
  14. ^ I too thought that was a No Limits track until I looked at it closely. Very nice job Mad Hatter! I also like what i see Krypt
  15. Haven't been here in a little while. I'm seeing lots of great things here lately! Messing around with foliage and textures. No real progress.. SCR4.BMP
  16. ^^^^^^ Thats some serious talent. You should be proud of yourself. If anything, make the sails white. Very good job!
  17. ^CC9 that looks amazing! Sorry I offer no criticism though, but oh well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Besides from a few minor details, like hacking support work into the buildings, and working on bush placement, I'm proud to say this screen, as small as it is, is complete! Teaser Done.bmp
  18. ^ and ^^ -Thanks for the nice comments! djbr, unless it has to do with the support work being in the way, it seems like a clearance issue because of the angle I took the picture at. At a different angle, you can see its really fine. Thanks!
  19. Only at Somerset Valley Amusement Park Teaser Predator.bmp
  20. More progress! Coming soon, Somerset Valley Amusement Park Teaser GCI.bmp
  21. First thing that came to my mind was, Paul Revere's Midnight Run.
  22. A.J. - Thanks for the help. I think it would have been good to mention that my rct2 disk is the Triple Thrill Pack though. Thanks anyway. I'm not sure what to do now, besides just buying another disk and trying that. Thanks again! - I tried it again today and I figured out it stops at css41.dat
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