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The "Preview" Thread

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^^^ I like the selection of roller coasters, however, If that yellow coaster in the middle Is an inverted swinger then I would suggest adding some hill terrain to liven up the athmosphere so when it comes out onto the lake it would look like it is comming out of the hills.


And AJClarke I agree the title needs to be more aggressive and bold like something to do with it being the master of the sky (with its height) or something like that. I did try to think of a name but I couldn't think of a good one.

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Yesterday was fairly dull, so I whipped up a crude little model of Nemesis just for fun. I honestly have no clue how accurate it is, considering I only went off of a handful of RCDB pictures. But I think it's decent, considering the time I've put into it and the fact that I've never been to Alton Towers.


I might consider continuing with this and fix it up and/or putting it on the Exchange or in a thread if anyone would care to see more.




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Thats a pretty accurate recration of Nemesis, However the turn out of the station is not 90 degrees it is more of a 45 degree turn. Also, the second inversion goes over the top of the station...


Plus there is more of a dip before the turn leading to the loop.


Hope this helps. I love Nemesis!

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^It's hard to see from that screen, but the turn is, in fact about 45 degrees, like you said. Thanks for the tip about that dip there! It's hard to notice things like that when using a few pictures and an aerial shot on Google Maps. I may get around to moving the zero-g roll one day, but like I said, this was more of a "for fun" project, at least for the moment. Thanks for the FYI, though. Glad you're interested in it!


Now to figure out why mine is 300 feet shorter than the real one...

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Reminds me of Intimidator


Just thought of that my-self this one is slightly taller and might add a few different things but i'll see how I get along first

Needs supports.


sorry, I had to lol


I add supports at the end as I like to get the track sorted first i'll keep you all updated when I make updates

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Maybe break up the roofs more. I think that is what is making this seem cluttered to me. Not every roof has to be the same.





Take on the Outlaw, only at Fellville--America's Old Time Park!


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I think I have discovered that facades.....



... are excellent at hiding long lines.



And yes, those pics were taken at the same 'time' (if you look at the top-left you'll see that the game was paused ).



On a side note, since I saw little-to-no response on my last update a last year, I'm going to assume that interest in Echenima Resort has died, though it may just be that it was simply overlooked by the many, flashier threads out here. Anyways, um, hope you enjoyed the above photos and had a bit of a chuckle...

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