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The "Preview" Thread

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Oh and Derek/Jeff, the supports on i305 in real life don't touch the crest of the first hill, it starts right when the track begins it's 85 degree descent, connects with the first drop the whole way down and leaves the top looking like track floating in mid-air.


But this is me nitpicking, it's still amazing work!



Another coaster in progress.



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Another attraction for one of my parks is finished - a high-speed dark-ride coaster (think Mummy), based on the historic long-demolished Hollywood Hotel has been completed:



Here's the reference pic used for the facade (Given that it's a B&W pic, I used a bit of leeway for the color choice).



And the track layout (the idea is that you're flying past blacklit hotel elements by use of LIMs, hence the oddity of the layout):





One more thing: I have yet to name the attraction. In fact, at this very moment, I don't know what to name the attraction. If you have a good name, feel free to shout it out (though, please, not literally. Nobody likes caps)

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Well, I've hit year 60 in game and i say I'm about 60% done. You guys decide



Edit: I actually want people to see now:




Well, here's the line up, coasterwise, that is:


10 planned coasters

--Rough Thunder 1970-2010 (Defunct Dinn coaster, replaced by Inferior.)

--The Corkscrew 1976 Arrow Dynamics

--Static Force 1978 Anton Schwarzkopf

--Zoooomerang! 1990 Vekoma

-- Board Walk Flash! 1990 Zamperla

--Rush Hour Mayhem! 1998 Mack

--Night Hawk 2002 Vekoma

--Panic 2005 Vekoma

--The Outlaw 2009 Great Coasters International

--Inferior (name Pending) 2011 Intamin

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djb, your dedication to this park is just outstanding. Through the good and bad you have stuck it out. I hope your perseverance to see this to it's final stage is an inspiration to other park/ride builders in our community no matter what version of RCT they play to stick it out and finish what they start.


ryan, while I agree with the comment about the colors I must say the scale and overall look of this park shows a giant leap in your RCT2 skills. Also that mini steel coaster is a very nice addition!

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