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The "Preview" Thread

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I think those canvas tops actually add to that building's style, really.


Why do you always speak with such ill-place authority, Matt. Your comments always sound like you're scolding people, or being somewhat condescending at least. Maybe I'm just reading too far into them, I dunno.

1.Did you see my comments towards Dotro?

2. I just have more of an eye for the bad and not the good I guess

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This is all the comments I got from NE.


For anybody thinking they're too "HARSH" only some of them are like that and most are banned by their admin.


All the comments i've gotten.


"I don't approve of the randomly undecorated info kiosk in the path which looks a bit out of place, but this is most definitely a great start otherwise. "



but i think block(around fountain) needs more smooth touch "


"Shame about the random info booth, however I love how the turnstiles have been done, and generally its a good screen. The foliage is also really nice, perhaps you shouldn't use red and yellow flowers all the time though. "


All comments i've gotten on that screen. NE is not hell you know.

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The bottoms of the top hat get steep too fast. Also, you may want to change the barrel rolls of the Norwegian Loop to roll to the outside - they would look better that way IMO.


Looks good otherwise.

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@psi-I wouldnt have a B&M hyper and an Intamin Giga in the same park for future reference. Just un-realistic is all.


@ryan-I like the layout, but the top hat looks horrible. the rest of the layout is fine, but I'd suggest not using the tight drops of the VD-coaster for the tophat.

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