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The "Preview" Thread

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Well, that nice little World of Thrills park I showed off now is a corrupted file... Fortunately, it was backed up on my flash drive.....


Which is currently at our house in NorCal.. So World of Thrills is on hold for a while...


Don't get the feeling I'm going to do this too often, but I am doing a CS project.


A Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster Named Barnstormer:


Over view of the ride, this is the best spining coaster I've made.


This spiral section has the most insane spining I've ever seen in RCT3...wait till you see the POV!


The front of the ride...I'm only using CS for supports and a CFR for the ride vehicle.

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^Umm...I do believe that's a Norwegian Loop, so turning that into second inlive twist into a vertical loop would defeat the purpose.


No, I'm talking about the second barrel roll in the (Norwegian) Loop. It doesn't go with the flow of the following banked turn.

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