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The "Preview" Thread

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The coaster looks a bit too big... It would look a bit better with terrain, although even with terrain, it would still be oversized. Of course you're not finished yet, so I'll leave it at that.


Layout-wise, the ride is great. Definitely something I would ride.

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This isn't so much a "preview" as it is an "I finally beat it" post . It took 21 very long (in-game) years and 29 (almost all custom built) coasters, but I FINALLY got 4,500 people into Extreme Heights!


An overview of the park with all 29 of the roller coasters.


Special thanks goes out to Ellen M. for being the 4,500th guest to enter Extreme Heights!

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Anton Gone Wooden?


Win or Fail?


Olympia Wooden Is Here!



Well, since people thought it was a win, here is the download for JUST the ride!

Olympia Wooden.TD6

Hope this works.....Enjoy!


Just a screen for reference...


Please, if you use this in your park and post it on here, NE, or any other site please give credit! Thank You!

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Do you like it more with or without diagonal lift?


Save both of them. They're both pretty compact.


I'd go with the diagonal-lift one because the track is longer.

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Nice but boxy.Try to add some depth and get away from cubical-ness.

Never let most of your buildings be 2x2 or 4x4. in my park i try to add as much depth as possible with 1/4 base blocks and 1/4 roofs. Those works wonders for taking away a building's blockiness.

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