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Found this Awesome video while checking up on one of my favorite bands/artists, Si*Se!

Si*Se is a mix of electronic, soul and latin rythms. Out of New York. I love the strings and beats!


This video is now one of my favorite. I remember taking the D Train out to Coney Island and arriving on those very streets! The Subway, Nathans Hot Dogs, the Boardwalk (where I enjoyed a Brooklyn Lager), The Cyclone and The Wonder Wheel. What Amazing memories!

If youre intrested in more Si*Se check out:





This one's for all my TPR peeps!! Ride On, Ride On!!!

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Anyone else here into Sonic Youth? I think Goo is prettey much and INSPIRED album and it's amazing. Also Honourable mentions go to The Walkmen, when I saw them live they were really intense, got goosepimples all over and have rated that perfomance as my Number 2 performance of all time, Muse being the first. Also has anyone else heard of The Flaming Lips? I am so despirate to see them live, they are touring in the uk next month but apparently the Tickets have all sold out.




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Just started hearing about this hip hop group a couple of weeks ago. I'm definitely feeling this group. They all can actually flow, and the beats don't sound anything like what everything else does. I'm eagerly waiting for their first major CD release. Hip hop fans should do yourself a favor and check out Pacific Division.




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Parachutes is so great. I've been listening to it a lot recently. Don't Panic and Sparks are the best songs on the album. Coldplay is just a great band overall.


Ahh, it's just a U2 rip off. I don't like most Pop music, but U2's early stuff is great. Not so much a fan of their more recent, poppy material.


What??? You think Coldplay is a U2 rip-off?! They are both totally different bands! Coldplay has some mellow songs (i.e. Sparks and Swallowed in the Sea) and upbeat songs (i.e. Life in Techicolor ii, Viva la Vida, Lost!). What I am trying to get at is Coldplay has variety. U2 has a lot of the same kind of material with not a lot of variety. I'd say one of the only things they have in common is that they are both college bands.


U2's older material actually does have a bit of variety. I'm just saying that because it's an extremely similar sound. Heck, Chris Martin even sounds like Bono, albeit no where near as good. For me, I just love listening to the young Bono sing his heart out. As for Cold play, I don't dislike their sound, I just don't like all to many of their melodies and don't like the fact that a lot of the songs don't really go anywhere. I guess the same can be said about U2, but Bono's amazing voice (early Bono) more than make up for it.


Getting nitty gritty too, I think far too much of their material is written in minor modes (and lots with out any major bridges/contrasting sections). I'm not a big fan of Chris's falsetto, I like my singers with wide range. The melodies themselves don't really seem to be very strong and tend to be fairly basic and a lot of the music just doesn't go anywhere, it's very static. I find that the harmonies just don't do it for me, the tension-release (dissonance-consonance) doesn't seem very strong or diverse (or it's too bland), I don't particularly like the organ/synth sounds they use a lot on their albums, and I'm just not a big fan of the "pop" sound they have.


As far as albums, Viva La Vida is certainly my "favorite", but pretty much all the songs leave a lot to be desired. It feels they only skimmed the surface of some of the melodies they introduce and don't develop them enough. I also don't like the "pop" aspects of tunes like the title rack of that album. There is nothing more I hate than the poor use of string instruments (violins, etc) in pop/rock (title track again).

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Rammstein's new album's done a great job of going back to some more dancey melodies and forceful riffs from their earlier albums. It's moved away from the orchestral driven tones of the recent efforts, not that they were bad, (Some great songs to be found) they were just a little too polished to have their signature raw driving power. Obviously anyone who knows Rammstein knows that they truly come into their own live, and from the sound of this they'll have a great show with some of these tracks included.

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Different strokes for different folks, paintballer. Personally I love Coldplay and I am not going to argue anymore on that subject.


Right now I have been into a lot of indie and folk bands like Fleet Foxes, Death Cab for Cutie, the Weepies, and Band of Horses. The Weepies are very good. A like the variety they provide with two singers. Death Cab's newish EP The Open Door is very good. I love Grapevine Fires. The video is great!

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^Some people just do not know how to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It's either that or they are just lazy.


So, A Skylit Drive is my new favorite right now. I hate how people make fun of Michael's (a.k.a. Jag) singing just because it is high and falsetto. That is just pure skill people! A Skylit Drive is not that good of a live band though. They are definitely a studio band.

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^I like how the album title of that Hollywood Undead cover is "Desperate Measures." It's a refreshing touch of honesty.


I hate Hollywood Undead so much.


But I've reacently gotten into a band called Sherwood. Their sound isn't exactly original, but there's something about them that makes me enjoy them. It's probably because I'm a sucker for chorus-style vocals (every member of the band sings).

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I am a big hardstyle fan, the scene here in Belgium is pretty big (not as big as in Holland though). Another country where hardstyle is populair, is Italy. But what about your country? Do you know hardstyle and are you a fan of it, or do you have big parties in your country? I know Australia has a Defqon festival of their own.


Some hardstyle songs:






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