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The guy from Owl City is VERY good. I hate all the people that only like Fireflies. It's so annoying!

So true. I love Owl City, but I'm beginning to hate Fireflies. Just like my mom used to tell me: too much of a good thing only makes it bad.

If only more people knew about Maybe I'm Dreaming...


Just curious, but are there any Passion Pit fans out there? I got the CD for Christmas, and I (literally) can't stop listening to it! It's so catchy!

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I stumbled upon this interesting video of Lady Gaga on Youtube. Some person took her single "Just Dance" and removed all of the instrumental tracks, leaving just her voice. So it's a completely accapella version of the song.




And it's strangely soothing and hypnotic to just hear her voice. Especially near the end.



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I watched the music video of Dance or Die by Family Force 5 and it is really unique. In part of it they are just doing random karate moves and stuff.


If you don't know, Family Force 5 is an electronica band with hardcore influences. They are sort of a rap parody band at some parts.


So here's the video for Dance or Die by Family Force 5.


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^^^^^ I highly agree with the Muse recommendation! I have all of their studio albums (Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, and The Resistance), their live set Hullabaloo, and a two-disc set of unreleased B-Sides called Do We Need This?. I love all the different sounds they have, from the really hard rock to the dance-y to the pseudo-classical. Apparently they have an amazing live sound as well, but I have yet to experience that firsthand.


I personally have a rather eclectic taste in music. I have stuff covering a huge assortment of genres, like Big Band/Swing (mostly because I swing dance), hard rock, indie rock (I highly suggest for people to check out Jump, Little Children), Europop and techno/dance music. I even have quite a variety of songs in many other languages, mainly Russian (t.A. T.u.), Swedish (Basshunter), and Moldovan (O-Zone), with some Spanish, French, and Italian thrown in as well.

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^ That's probably my main reason for liking Muse, the way that they can go from progressive monsters to classical pieces that stand up to the well known historical compositions to inspired rock, in which no two songs sound alike.


I'd recommend people watch this, if they're the type who just likes to think about life and existence every now and then.



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Soundgarden is getting back together!!!



Yeah, I was quite happy to hear this. Crazy because in every interview I ever heard with him he said with 100% certainty that they would not get back together. He said that Soundgarden was a phase of his life that he wanted to keep untouched.


With them back together, I just hope this means they put together a quality album.


As far as Audioslave and his solo work - I actually liked a good part of it. The first Audioslave album was solid throughout. The second and third not as much. His solo work also degraded with each album. Only exception is "You Know My Name." I really like that track.


Oh, and his voice seems to be on point again. Anyone catch him on Conan last year when he performed a cover of "Imagine"? What a beautiful rendition.


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^I noticed the TPR-approved Porcupine Tree on Day 2 as well (I picked up their "Time Flies" video when it was iTunes' free download of the week after seeing Dave bring them up a time or two on here, and have really grown to like them). All in all that looks like a great event.



And for those Avenged Sevenfold fans on the site, (though this was news to me as of Sunday) on Dec. 28th, Avenged Sevenfold's drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan was found dead in his home at age 28, apparently of natural causes. But the band said they are planning to keep working to release their 5th album, despite their loss.

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I Actually think they outdid themselves his year!


Rob Zombie and Korn will headline this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which kicks off Saturday, July 10th in San Bernardino, CA and hits 24-cities until concluding in late-August. Rob Zombie comments on the news, saying, "It's been over a decade since my last tour with Korn, so this pairing is long overdue. Mayhem will be one amazingly destructive way to spend the summer. "




The full line-up for this summer’s trek features Lamb of God and Five Finger Death Punch joining Zombie and Korn on the mainstage; Hatebreed, Chimaira, Shadows Fall and Winds of Plague on the Jagermeister stage (along with a not-yet-crowned battle of the bands winner), and a second stage featuring Atreyu, Norma Jean, In This Moment and 3 Inches of Blood.




Bad ass freestyle Motocross team Metal Mulisha will again be in tow as well with their unique style of death-defying stunts, but this year will also see the addition of the Las Vegas-born circus-meets-costume party extravaganza Beacher’s Madhouse and rock & roll comedian Jay Oakerson. Presale tickets go on sale April 2nd, while the general onsale is April 16th. Check here for more information as it unfolds.




Rob Zombie, currently directing an episode of CSI: Miami, is gearing up to release his new album, and first for Roadrunner Records, Hellbilly Deluxe 2 on February 2nd. Fans have the chance to preorder a cool collector’s edition Coffin Box with exclusive Rob Zombie extras, as well as a special edition digital preorder package through iTunes right now.




Get yours while supplies last, and don’t miss the world premiere of the Rob Zombie-directed video for “Sick Bubblegum” coming soon. Check back to RR daily for more updates. See you on the road this summer!




So weve got Korn, Zombie, Lamb of God, and Five Finger Death Punch. All awesome bands, all pretty uinique. Bands like Atreyu, Chaimera, Hatebreed, and all the other bands, although 3 inches is supposed to SUCK live. The Mulitia is back, this tour should be awesome!

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^I noticed the TPR-approved Porcupine Tree on Day 2 as well (I picked up their "Time Flies" video when it was iTunes' free download of the week after seeing Dave bring them up a time or two on here, and have really grown to like them). All in all that looks like a great event.


Porcupine Tree is one of my favorite bands, but a 45 minute show during the day probably won't do them justice. They are great live. I went to my first PT show last year and took my 11 y/o son. Great show.


That said, I'm thinking of going Saturday anyway ... unless they happen to announce a surprise SoCal show while they are here. They play in Mexico City 3 days before Coachella and Dallas 2 days later. No other west coast dates (as of now).


If you want to check out some other albums I would absolutely go with Deadwing (my personal favorite), In Absentia and Fear of a Blank Planet. Some of their older stuff (Lightbulb Sun, Up the Downstair) is probably a little out there for a newish fan, but it's worth getting eventually.

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OMG - Pavement reunited? AWESOME!


I would go to Coachella for that alone. Hope they play somewhere near Western New York. I saw them on the Brighten the Corners tour in Buffalo and they played one hell of a gig.


Yep, you guessed it - I'm a fanboy...

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