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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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I'll echo DoinItForTheFame's thoughts on Wonder Woman. Amazing ride and might just be the best coaster in the park. I was lucky enough to get both a front seat and back seat ride, and back is the clear winner if only for that first drop. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more Raptors pop up. The rest of my visit to SFFT was also excellent. This is a great park and San Antonio is lucky to have it (and SeaWorld...and ZDT's not too far away...)


Thanks again for all the advice.

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went to the park yesterday to exchange our Season Pass renewals (+ the upgrades) I had bought during the Labor Day flash sale.


gorgeous day, but the park was absolutely packed (they were also doing some membership special event too. . tho it wasn't BAFF or BAF cheaper. . so I can only imagine what Friday or Sunday looked like crowd wise).


park was slammed with families with younger kids - which is a good thing in the long run, even if it made the lines for Roadrunner and Bugs Bunny rapids extend out past queue entrances (so we bypassed both, as we'll ride them when there isn't an hour wait).

very strange in that Roadrunner had an Hour wait? next door Iron Rattler was a walk on. (yeah.. I rode it a couple of times).


odd that several attractions near the haunts close down lines at 5pm (including Pandemonium, and Gully Washer). .but I suppose they have to flush the queue lines so those spaces can be used for exit lines from the haunts.


Although everything was operating, we saw a couple of cases where almost 1/2 a rides capacity was down - Spinsanity had only 4 of the 7 cars operating, the other 3 were locked off. Hustler had multiple pool balls locked off, and Fireball was running with a few seats blocked off. Even Wonder Woman, which was running all 3 trains - as opposed to only 1 train a couple of weeks ago. . . even tho 2 of the trains had several seats blocked off. . still, it was nice they were trying to increase capacity).


Iron Rattler was running two trains, but the camera wasn't working, so no photo for me (I was hoping to use my new Photo pass. . but we used it for Wonder Woman, and for entrance pics. . so still got some pics I'll post later)


I'll likely have a small TR report up in the next few weeks, although we didn't actually go thru any of the haunts as the lines were simply too prohibitive for Nick to stand that long in line (we stayed until ~8pm).


the park only got more packed as it got later, and the fog effects thruout the park once it hit 6pm, made it look eerily spooky, so good on them for that.



Anyways. . the point of posting now was to talk about the "coffin challenge". . .oh my.

I thought it was silly, but dumb, when they announced it. . but seeing it in person at Fiesta?


The most idiotic thing I think I've seen, purely based on the execution of it.

It was set up in front of the stepts to train station in Crackaxle - so the train could only be boarded in the German section for a full circuit of the park.


ok, I GET that we're in Texas, and it's hot. . . but really? the coffins are open at the top. and Fiesta brought out tents to shade the participants from the sun. (which wouldn't be an issue if the lids were closed, would it?).

I mean. . they were laying there with sunglasses on, and water/food available on top of the coffin lids (we saw one contestant reach up and take a drink of water and grab some chips. . guess the rule is they can't sit up? ) but they all also had earphones in, and several were playing on phones -- which to be fair, the Emcee took away from them 20 minutes later as we were walking by.


but really? open lids, you can have your phone, and shaded by a tent? easy to do. it sounded like they had a LOT of applicants, but I can think of way better use of my time than this easy challenge, especially since i'd expect all 8 are gonna succeed, and the 300 will have to be split. whoop de do, they get to keep the coffin. . . oh well, maybe they are super Halloween fans and wanted a coffin decoration.


anyways. . I thought it was idiotic. . but lots of folks did gather around to look at them. here's a picture of it.


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^^ What's the deal with all the signs and stuff below those 2 contestants' names? The first two (closest) coffins?


those are stickers from a local (San Antonio) radio station.


no idea why those two have them. .maybe they were sponsored by the station? or won their spot thru the station?


EDIT: I noticed the one with the most stickers also has stickers inside for "the Billy Madison Show". . and a quick google, shows the guy in that coffin is one of the show members.


so there ya go. . they got one of the open spots for a show bit. .which I guess is why he appears to have wiring going into the coffin so he could report. (based on the pic on the coffin, it's the guy on the left)




wonder if the one next to him also with stickers is someone from the show too

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But yeah I rather do a million other things then lay in a coffin for 30 hours.





I had already bought my pass anyways, and the "coffins" appear to have been made by the Six Flags special effects crew. . so they aren't like an expensive one you'd get from a funeral home.


nice to hear they got $300 each. . .but that's what? $10 an hour? not worth it to me.


glad they got more than I thought they did tho, even though an easy taslk. Still think the "open top" coffins are idiotic and not hard to do at all.

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This is all NOT what I was thinking of, when they first announced..."thirty hours in a coffin."


These people all got it too easy. I say ~~~ CLOSE - THOSE - LIDS!


EDIT: Maybe in the last three hours, and besides closing the lids, cut off all their social media connections/power.


That'll get some real screams I betcha.




And now that everybody knows what they meant, Six Flags Anywhere will get THOUSANDS of applicants, if they

run this contest again, next year.... "Open Casket".

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Here's something the park doesn't explicitly tell you: Pandemonium closes early due to the queue line becoming a haunt maze. The park doesn't say when the ride closes during the day and the employees at the entrance claimed it was closed for the season when it really wasn't. I missed out on the credit yesterday and am admittedly a bit bummed out. I still had a great time, I'm just a bit annoyed that neither the website nor the app gives this information.

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Good to know Pandemonium closes early, I'm visiting this upcoming weekend and wouldn't have known about that. Just hoping the rain stays away, but not looking too promising.


I actually mentioned it in my brief trip report.


Gully Washer (renamed Blood Bayou, and the river dyed Red) ALSO closes early, since they also use that queue for Haunt.


there is a haunt by Roadrunner Express too. . but we didn't go by there after 5, so not sure if they closed off RoadRunner or not. . but the haunt is right there off of the main queue, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did shut it down too.

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Another question for you guys; does anybody have experience and/or insight into how the park handles rain? Getting a little nervous about my weekend trip here because of flash flood warnings through tomorrow night, then Friday night is forecasting a 50% chance and Saturday an 80% chance. Does the park close entire park/major attractions in a sprinkle a la Great Adventure, or do they try and keep ops going?

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Another question for you guys; does anybody have experience and/or insight into how the park handles rain? Getting a little nervous about my weekend trip here because of flash flood warnings through tomorrow night, then Friday night is forecasting a 50% chance and Saturday an 80% chance. Does the park close entire park/major attractions in a sprinkle a la Great Adventure, or do they try and keep ops going?


See middle of page 655.

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This is their first year-round season so this is going to be our first glimpse into how they do that as they previously just did it during their brief offseason. Hopefully they actually post a rehab schedule but generally Six Flags just rehabs things with no warning whatsoever.

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^ nope. . year round starts "officially" after FrightFest.


mostly just Sat/Sun, but there seem to be quite a few weekends where Friday is included as well. So they do have 4-5 days between weekends on what used to be the "off season" to work on stuff.


as Bill notes? Six Flags tends to just pull things down for rehab without any notice.


that said: Roadrunner was down most of 2018, so doubt that will come down again for rehab for a while.

Iron Rattler has been down several times (for days long issues) multiple times, as has Wonder Woman. . so those likely will be fine (ie: no rehab in early 2019)



if anything was gonna get shut down for rehab? I'd guess likely Goliath - since it's right at the front of the park, and gets pretty good ridership.


and it's Texas. . rare that it will get cold enough to shut anything down. Wind is another story, but cold? very rare.

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Do all the rides run during Holiday in the park? Really hoping for at the very least Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman.


For the most part, all the rides seem to stay open during HiP. Poltergeist and Superman are weather depending. Iron Rattler turns into another kind of beast during HiP!

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  • 3 weeks later...

likely driving up to the park tomorrow.. yeah, I'm crazy.


don't expect the park to be busy (they are open from 2-9, and since it's getting dark at 5:20, should be able to enjoy the lights). . . . traffic on the day before Thanksgiving is gonna be NUTS tho.


so might change my mind


but wanna go.

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despite horrific traffic (it took us over an hour just to get from North Austin to South Austin), we still went to Fiesta today, and had a wonderful - tho cold and drizzly time.


I'll have a report up (with pictures) hopefully by Friday. . but just wanted to pop in to mention a few things:


-- despite what the very out of date "Holiday in the Park: Rides" listing on the web site says - EVERYTHING seemed to be up and operating (several with multiple trains), other than Boomerang (no great loss, I'd say). Twister is already gone, and Whirlygig is in pieces, but both of those are listed as "closed" for the season on the site anyways.


Not listed, but open: Goliath, Poltergeist, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Iron Rattler. . . and due to the cold, drizzly day (and it being the day before Thanksgiving), all were pretty much walk on. Longest wait was maybe 15 minutes for Wonder Woman, operating two trains, one with 2 seats blocked off.. so capacity of 14 total. still. . way shorter wait than usual.


-- Wonder Woman, which breaks down multiple times every day in normal weather? Was operating in a steady drizzle the whole time we were there, and didn't break down even once! and with the track so lubricated? the thing was absolutely bonkers today. FLYING thru the track even smoother than normally.


-- the new Giant Ornament decoration in the central plaza is *stunning* , as is the standard giant tree in Rockville (that was all kinds of pretty colors this year).


-- No official Six Flags photographers were out, which was extremely strange. Not at the front gates, nor near the displays. Maybe they all took off early for Thanksgiving prep? Luckily, the crowd at the park today was the best I've ever seen at a Six Flags. Taking pics for others who wanted to pose, moving out of shots so others could get good pics. Just good vibes all over, and I met a ton of friendly folks while riding alone (Nick only rode the train today)


-- oh, and they had real snow blowing down over the streets of Rockville during the tree lighting ceremony. That was nice and unexpected.


-- have to ding em tho: They went all out on Entry Plaza and Rockville areas. . .but some of the displays at Fiesta, really looked like they made a trip to Home Depot, bought some lawn crap (inflatables & Standees), and just put them around the park. In particular in Kidzopolis, and on the Holiday Express Train ride


had a wonderful, if chilly and wet time.


I'll get some pics up later this week.

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