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  1. Greetings! I run a YouTube channel called Theme Park Crazy and am working on a video project about the worst dark rides ever made. May I use your photos from the Brer Rabbit's Burrow ride at Oakwood Theme Park? I will give you full credit with an on-screen caption in the video.

    1. cfc


      Hmm--I'm not sure it was the "worst" dark ride ever made, but it's among the weirdest.   You can use the photos. Thanks for asking first.

  2. Greetings! My name is Peter DiDonato, and I operate a YouTube channel called Theme Park Crazy. May I use your photos of the Brer Rabbit ride at Oakwood Theme Park in a video I'm making about strange dark rides? I will give you full credit with an on-screen caption.

  3. I tried emailing him, but he hasn't responded. I will be more than happy to negotiate a licencing fee if necessary. The photos he has taken of Flashback's demolition are especially rare and I feel that they are necessary to properly tell the story of the ride's closure.
  4. I run a YouTube Channel named Theme Park Crazy, and I am currently working on a video detailing the history of Z-Force/Flashback. So far, I have been unable to find usable footage or photos of the ride. I found some photos on this website, but I am not sure if they belong to Mr. Alvey or the park. If anyone could provide photos or direct me how to attain permission for the ones on this site, please let me know. Photos I'm referring to: https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=52565&start=10
  5. Hey! I'm working on a short documentary video on Flashback's run at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Does anyone have any photos I would be able to use in it? I will of course give full credit.
  6. Here's something the park doesn't explicitly tell you: Pandemonium closes early due to the queue line becoming a haunt maze. The park doesn't say when the ride closes during the day and the employees at the entrance claimed it was closed for the season when it really wasn't. I missed out on the credit yesterday and am admittedly a bit bummed out. I still had a great time, I'm just a bit annoyed that neither the website nor the app gives this information.
  7. I have been thinking this over, and there is no way...I repeat: NO FREAKING POSSIBLE WAY, that the recent refurbishments ruined or slowed down Lightning Rod to the extent where it is now a "forceless" coaster. My theory is that one of Taylor's friends happened to get a bad ride on it when it just opened to the public and the rumor snowballed from there. Many of the younger online enthusiasts are the same ones who told me last year that El Toro was running rough, which it was not. I mean, it's possible that Dollywood is pulling an I305 and running the ride cautiously until the off-season, but I refuse to join the lament-fest currently going on with this ride considering that I still see several comments saying that the ride still kicks ass.
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