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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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^Three things that make that even more interesting:


1. The listed height of the Superman: Ultimate Flight clones is 106' (rcdb.com/1976.htm)


2. B&M Flyer track outside of the Clermont Steel Plant that is not the one going to the Wanda Park in China


3. The aforementioned B&M clue


We could definitely be onto something . . . still hoping it's not a Superman clone, though. I really want to see a custom flyer with a possible launch.

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If you guys are wondering in one of the latest winners of one of six flags instagram contest. My tickets came in today hopefully I go this weekend (the 10th) for mortoramas last cycles. Any advice for a sunday? (By the way I'm the on who drew the super looper.


(I have the print them)

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I'm guessing Bizzaro themed X-flight clone.

So basically X2 launched with the trains turned around and stuck in the flying position.. That would be a cool loading system. Having the train's seats facing up and then once everyone's locked up they go into flying position


I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool, but wouldn't a winged flyer be pointless? I mean, it wouldn't really present any new experience - what's the point of being off to the side when in the flying position. I can only hope for a solid custom flyer with a launch. That would be incredible in my opinion.


Looking at that potential amount of land, the height clues and the fact Six Flags seems to like Premier what about a ride similar to Kennywoods Sky Rocket? Sky Rocket is 95 ft so I think that could be an option.


I love premier coasters, and that would be cool as well . . . hope this thing doesn't let us down now!

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New tweet this morning.


Are you ready to challenge an EPIC beast... The Iron Rattler? #SFFT2015


I think that picture wants you to just think something about IR, BUT I think looking deeper into it the clue is Goliath out in the distance and most of those clones are Batman rides so I agree I think this coaster will be a Batman themed ride. I'm still sticking with either a chance mega light like Lighting Run or a Premier launched similar to Sky Rocket.

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Let's try something new! Let's all say what we want to happen and then what we think will happen. What I want: the scream towers to be removed also and for them to build either a 400ft. Version of falcons fury and for them to get more thrill flat rides in mortoramas area such as maybe a zipper and powersurge (they would never do that) and other very intense flat rides. I think the ride will be maybe a launched wing coaster? I mean thunder hawk was announced so it is possible.

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