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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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If the park that is getting it is SFFT I will flip.



Ahhh, I see what you did there.


Yeah a 4D would be sick. SF had a bad experience with one before (X) so I don't think they'll install another prototype 4D anytime soon.


I don't know, it seems like S&S has learned from their mistake because they am said that they have been testing it so many times just to make sure it's a nice comfortable ride. They also said it won't be extremely intense, but more of an intense family ride.


Now I'm just wonder when the next hint will be dropped...

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I think it's pretty obvious they're messing around with us now on the Facebook post and tweets. They read these boards all the time. That last tweet wasn't a hint. I'd say they're poking fun at all the speculation between people thinking wood or steel or RMC or Rye Airplane coaster or Free fly X, etc.


I think it's safe to say they're gonna keep most people confused and speculating until August 28th.

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Hustler might close at the end of the season like just before Fright Fest, which is why nothing has been said yet. Starting to remove Motorama opens up a lot of room for construction to begin. Which hopefully we will soon have an idea of what's coming before August 28th comes(IE: more Bobcats with RMC stickers)

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