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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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Just rode the Iron Rattler 15 times this morning! It is epic and full of the insane airtime we all know and love from New Texas Giant...plus sideways airtime in the first overbank and the 0 roll! Thanks to the Jamie and the park for making today possible.


Be sure to watch Robb's amazing footage! This ride is just awesome fun and the perfect ride for the park.

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OMG!!! Thanks for that AMAZING footage once again!!! Holy cow I can't wait to ride this Saturday!!! I noticed, when you drop into the cave, is that a water effect I see??!!


For me, the cave is the absolute best part of the ride, coming out of the cave you get another bump of air before hitting the brakes, pretty amazing feeling.

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Thanks for the video, Robb. It does seem like the train slows a bit before taking the cliff drop, at least from the POV, but the ride overall just seems epic. I also love the lighting in the tunnel.

It got faster later in the day, but yeah, it does lose some steam on the "funky twisty" section.


That being said, the ride overall delivers a 100000% better than the old Rattler!

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Last AP exam done and over with and I leave to San Antonio tonight! I'm very excited! The POV looks incredible! I'm sure it will deliver! I kind of like the speed going through the funky twisty part. It's fast enough to get through, yet slow enough to keep you hanging. Intense, yet slow enough to where you don't blow straight through it. It keeps it interesting! Very nice looking coaster!

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The ride just kept getting faster and faster all day. Feel bad for those who ducked out early because they missed some seriously amazing rides around 3pm when the sun finally came out, the ride warmed up a bit more and it was really moving! It most certainly picked up speed the later part of the day! WOW!!!

Here's the video again from the morning:

And more photos from the afternoon:








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I already had 14 rides on Iron Rattler at the start of the day and I think I stop counting after my 18, as I feel the coaster is way too epic rather than counting how many rides you got! Stayed at the park from 5am-5:15pm. Thanks Fiesta Texas for an awesome day of riding this epic coaster! But that drop is different every time IMO and the back seat is the best seat on the train!

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WOW!! That's awesome. Watching and rewatching Robb's video, it definitely looks like the back seat is the place to be. The airtime looks pretty nice. It's great seeing all the positive feedback about this coaster. Although a bit shorter, it definitely makes up for what it used to be.

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