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^ Is that... Smoking Guns? I completely forgot about that weird arcade game.


Yep--it's a holdover from my old computer when I transferred data to this one. Still play it from time to time, too.

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Not only am I an amusement park geek, I am a computer geek which may be obvious to some from the picture that I have three monitors on my PC. In the interest of minimizing cost to keep funds available for theme park trips, all three have been collected over time so they have three different resolutions, hence the black bars in the picture above. I used to use four but it was taking up too much of my desk space. I now use the fourth one with my laptop so it has a dual display.



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Here's mine.

Radler's Rivoonj at Six Flags YoloLand for those of you unfamiliar with it.

Took the picture myself and edited it in Photoshop.


Also take note of the RCT2 and RCT3 icons on the taskbar.


EDIT: The picture didn't show up. Sorry about that.

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