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  1. If you don't mind, I'd like to jump into the queue for this, I've got some ideas for a traditional-style section.
  2. Neat looking coaster there griffon! As soon as Monarch Park is done, the long-promised pier park is coming. Meet Grey Hound!
  3. As the first person to point the error out, let me come now and give a big THANK YOU for resolving the issue with the download. I just loaded up the file and the coasters are fantastic! It also looks like there are a few more as well that were not mentioned in the original post or were changed completely or removed for other designs. The woody is completely different as well as a few of the B&Ms, the TOGO Heartline was unexpected and the Comet and B&M hyper are not here, but the other rides are fantastic! (please don't view this as a complaint, I am very pleased with what is provided here and will probably be using several of these rides, and the missing ones look easy enough to replicate as well)
  4. These are some neat little coasters! They will be great for "traditional" scenario-style play as good cheap moneymakers that don't take up half the map! My particular favorites are the TOGO Stand-Up, the 4D, the Arrow multi-looper, the B&M "Hyper", and that cute little woody! My only suggestion would be to swap the PTC-style four-seat trains on the woody for the two-seat GCI-style trains since the layout has more of a twisty feel to it, and I always associate the other trains with a more "out-and-back" style layout. Just my two cents though, and it is of course your choice as to what to do. EDIT: Sorry to bug you, but one minor problem, the download on the exchange is only the blank landscape with the entrance area, not the excellent coaster collection featured here, you may have accidentally uploaded the wrong file.
  5. She is truly an amazing child! Robb and Elissa are giving her an unbelievably wonderful childhood, and she will one day look back on this with some fond memories. Six years old, 235 coasters PLUS a Sky Coaster? By the time she reaches adulthood, she'll have a credit count that will make even the stoutest enthusiast jealous! I remember my first coaster ride, I was between nine and ten years old, and my family went to Six Flags Great Adventure. I rode the Runaway Train that day, and I kid you not, it scared the living daylights out of me so much, that I didn't ride another coaster for about four years afterwards.
  6. Great Models! I've always been fascinated by the Coaster Dynamics stuff. Now, I've got two questions for you: Do you keep all of the models you build, or are they disassembled in order to build the next track? Also, have you ever considered grabbing some stuff from Woodland Scenics and making a small landscape or full-blown model amusement park to display your excellent models on?
  7. Great looking work on one of the best original scenarios from RCT1. I think that (due to this scenario being in the demo) Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia sold more copies of Roller Coaster Tycoon then any other thing. I remember those rides in the demo, and I'm sure most of us all played it and dreamed that we would be able to build coasters that looked that nice!
  8. Thanks for the compliment there XYZ! Yes, when I added the consoles to the gift shop, I knew I was stretching reality quite a bit, but I had so much fun creating the music stands that I said, eh why not, let's do video games. I also figured that if Great Escape can sell $30,000 Tiffany Lamps in its shops, then I may as well have a wee bit of fun. Now with that out of the way, I've recently completed a big expansion for Monarch Park, and as I said a few days ago, I broke one of my rules/conditions for this expansion, and you'll see which one soon as well as why. First up, in minor news, Big Dipper has been re-tracked and has received new trains! In addition, I have also finished adding the track lights around the entire layout on both sides, it really looks spectacular at night! Monarch Park has received a new roller coaster as well, meet Sky Soarer, a five-inversion Arrow coaster. AND THE BIG RULE BREAK IS: SKY SOARER HAS CUSTOM SUPPORTS! These supports are really beautiful as well as being VERY user-friendly to attach as each piece corresponds to a specific track section,. In addition, it didn't take nearly as long to install them as I had suspected, what you see was accomplished with about four and a half hours of work. Sexy nighttime shot of Sky Soarer Sky Soarer's station building, there is just something charming about clapboard. Now, as good as Sky Soarer looks, I am NOT custom-supporting Big Dipper or any other coaster with a compact layout, however, we'll see what happens with other future coasters. This shot shows most of the rest of the new expansion, can you guess what the red-roofed building is? If you guessed a fast-food restaurant, you would be correct! Also notice that like the Arcade and Gift Shop, the restaurant also has a detailed interior. Unlike the others though, this one is functional! Facing the opposite side of the restaurant Nighttime with the interior lights switched on. (and Third Shift on the fryers) The other major ride in this expansion is the Monarch Park Express miniature train. The train crosses a WORKING grade crossing! The crossbucks are a custom scenery item, and there is a simple trick to get the path at track level without any hacking at all: simply build the train first, lower the land where you want the grade crossing, put pathing in the lowered land, then re-raise the land. This overview shot gives a good view of the developing park. Note that Monarch Park is currently in its 22nd year. The same view at night with the lights switched on. POV of Sky Soarer, this was recorded before the entire section was finished [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] I have decided to release Sky Soarer as a separate download, the zip file includes a readme listing all required Custom Scenery packs as well as: Sky Soarer on a simple park bench with a few extra rides set up The bare-bones track without the scenery in case you either do not want to dig up the custom scenery, or if you have your own ideas for how the ride should be decorated Sky Soarer's station building, in case you want to use it on one of your own creations. Sky Soarer Sign.bmp Sky Soarer's logo And my Carousel pavilion as a free bonus Link to Game Exchange page http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2878
  9. Thank you much! That will make writing the inevitable readme file a lot easier, as I have a lot more installed then I will probably actually use.
  10. Thank you very much. I really am liking the ability with custom scenery to be able to detail everything to the nines. I've got something big cooking up too, and let's just say I have broken one of my rules for this project, but, as a certain pirate captain once said, "they're more like guidelines instead of actual rules."
  11. Excellent and very realistic park. I like how you have followed it from its founding up to the point where you presently are. Also including some tragedy is very realistic as well, tons of parks I have read about either online or in one of Jim Futrell's books seems to have always suffered at least one major disaster, with fire being the most common. Also, dunno if you know what I mean here, but is Big Dipper based on a Prior & Church design, or a Harry Traver design? I also can definitely see some John Miller in Jack Rabbit and some John Allen in Pacific Flyer. Keep up the good work!
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