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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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While ERT in the first wave of the storm was amazing, and perhaps the best coaster ride ever, I think my favorite memory of the day, perhaps trip, was the run through the park to the bus while ERT was still going on!

The group decided to go when the rain was lightest, but started pouring really hard as soon as we left the pavilion.

Running through an abandoned park, no lights on, no park employees around, in the pretty much pitch black, having no idea where to go, is something that I think I will never experience again! (well, perhaps on another trip!)

It was the one time I left ERT early, and boy was it worth it, soaking wet bus drive included!

(the irony was that I was carrying my poncho the whole time, but forgot about it!)

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Kids should not be watching this! You can see the outline of his ding-dong!


Atleast we all know what you were looking at!


I was going to say the same thing! I saw the comment and said "I wasn't even looking and I'm gay!" He's a cute kid though.


Is there something you would like to share KPP?


Well at least the performer was excited to perform for TPR. We have that effect on people!




P.S. I know some of you get that same feeling when you ride a new coaster!

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^Sounds like our night at Clementon riding Hellcat except without the rain. It was lightning like crazy and the ride has a steel structure. As far as I know, they never shut down the ride.
That sounds better then closing the ride when there is just a single drop of rain and rumbeling far away. Thats the very irritating holland style...
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My favorite part of the day was when we started doing the "Crocodile Rock" choreography along with the cast at Retro Active, and the girl onstage nearly lost it!


I miss Trevor's ding dong!


ERT on Ravine Flyer in the rain...no words.

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My favorite part of the day was when we started doing the "Crocodile Rock" choreography along with the cast at Retro Active, and the girl onstage nearly lost it!

I think Crocodile Rock will be the song of choice for the Waldameer segment. That just seems to stick out in my mind as the theme song for the day.


--Robb "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Trevor" Alvey

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^At least I'm not the only one who eats sandwiches without anything but condiments on them! I eat ketchup sandwiches, chips that have been dipped in the red Heinz substance, ketchup-only hamburgers, etc.


Oh, and plain pasta RULES!

I hope you all had fun at Idlewild!


^^ I can't wait for the DVD. I think it would be great if you use some Shins or Postal Service on this one, but I digress.

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Day 5, Part 1 - Idlewild


The Potato Patch Fries were deadly but godly! Please be sure to get an EKG shortly after eating these.


Thanks again to Idlewild for a *GREAT* day! This is truly one of the 'hidden gems' of the USA and more people need to visit this park!



(note - silly photo of Dave quota...fullfilled!) =)


...Now you don't!


Now you see 'em....


This has to be the prettiest Tilt-A-Whirl...EVAR!!!!


Today was the patchwork quilt enthusaists convention.


Too bad it didn't spray mayonaise.






KidTums gets a Whip credit!


It's TPDave starring as... THE JAZZ SINGER!!!


We did the Flyers, they weren't amazing, but they were fun.


"It's like I'm eight years old all over again!"


KidTums gets an Adult Hand Car credit!


These things haul ass and are awesome!


While they sound like something you would find at a sleezy book store off the interstate, they are actually a full sized version of a kiddie ride!


And just when you thought you had seen all that was awesome at Idlewild, next up were the "Adult Hand Cars!"


Oh, wow...um....sorry guys...I didn't mean to interrupt...moving right along now! (Tyler's going to be VERY jealous!)


And Josh gets rejected...oh, wait, that's the same in real life! =)


Water goes uphill...


The path is slanted...


Confusion Hill is one of those places where nothing quite is what it seems.


And finally, the last stop during our morning ERT was "Confusion Hill."


"Can I eat this thing?"


Jahan (who is an honorary panthers member with what pink bracelet) loves the Hug N Song party!


TPR boys LOOOOOOVE to hug! ;)


Everyone! Group sex time!!!


It's time for the HUG N SONG PARTY!!!!


Yay! We are finally here! You know what that means....


Daniel wanted to go to the Hug N Song Party, but only if he could bring his clock so Tony won't be late for the trolly.


Lady Elaine Fairchilde was the butch lesbian of the world of make believe, she wasn't sure if she'd go to the party, which is fine, none of us wanted her there anyway!


King Friday the 13th greets the trolly and gives the trolly a task. You need to invite everyone to see to a "Hug N Song" Party!


"Help us!!!"


And now, a trolly approaches to carry you into the boundless realm of make believe.


Next up was ERT on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood...what? Don't laugh! This is seriously one of the BEST RIDES of the trip! Even if you don't know the childrens TV show, this ride is AMAZING!!!


Vekoma brace position!!!!


"It doesn't get me wet and there is no sugar on it! Me and my pancres give it thumbs up!"


"Oh Vekoma gods....I know I haven't been a very good boy this year, but please...please let me come out of this alive..."


And no your eyes aren't going wonky it really does have a crooked lift hill!


Yes it's Vekoma, and yes it KICKS ASS!!!


ERT continued on the Wild Mouse!


No shock to anyone, Hot Fuzz Rich ate 16 donuts.


"Aren't I a bit young for this?"


Newly gay Adam got himself a newly gay threesome!


The park offered us donuts and lays. Strange combo yes, but I felt it was symbolic. We never turn down food and most of us need to get layed!


Watch out for that TREEEEEEEEE!!!!!


It's one of those coasters where you just laugh and smile the whole way around. (Note the manual brake lever guy int he background.)


It's like a mini Boulder Dash the way it runs through the woods!


Our ERT started on Rolo Coaster, which may be a family woodie, but it totally rocks!


Today was Idlewild. One of my favorite "little" parks in the country. This park is usually never talked about yet it offers SO much for everyone!

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Oh man, that was an amazing update. The photos and captions were comedy gold. And I still love that lift hill on the mouse. You'd swear that thing is going to tip over at any minute.


Idlewild is a very underrated park. Hopefully more people will check it out next year.



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Idlewild was my favorite park of the trip.......Wild Mouse may just be my favorite Vekoma. I wish we had more time here, but this is certainly a park I will visit again in the future. I'm not sure if any future visit could beat our four hours of insanity here though. Donuts, ERT, Hug n' Song, confusion hill, hand-carts.....wow it was such a great time!

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Idlewild was so totally amazing. It was my favorite park of the add on. All of the really old school flats were amazing. Rollo Coaster was a great woodie. The Vekoma mouse was amazingly fun. The hand cars were fun, but exhausting.


And everyone should: "Come along, come along to the castle hug n' song"

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I'm definitely going to have to check this park out sometime. I love the variety of ERT options they offered you guys. And of course I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. I always wanted to ride that trolley and meet Daniel! How very cool...great update!


Now if I can just find a Captain Kangaroo themed ride as well...

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I LOVED Idlewild, such a fun day! The caterpillar! HAHAH! NEVER laughed that hard on a ride!


It was agony. Certain rides always make me laugh like that. Scramblers, Music Expresses, Spinning coasters (that spin) all produce that horrifying cackle. It can be embarrassing. But that caterpillar was fun. I thought I was going to keep it somewhat together until we passed the fan the first time. Then it was all over.

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