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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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Hello everyone!


We have started TPR's East Coast and Behemoth/Ravine Flyer trip! Guess what? We have some updates for you.


Just like Europe, it will be mainly photos only. It's 1am here and don't have a lot of time to chat.


Got into PHL yesterday. Had a good night with some old friends and new, took off this morning heading for the Buffalo area with a stop at Seabreeze.


Now on to the photos....


Day 1 - Arrival & Seabreeze (Scroll Down)

Day 2, Part 1 - Darien Lake

Day 2, Part 2 - Martin's Fantasy Island

Day 3 - Behemoth Bash

Day 4, Part 1 - Marineland

Day 4, Part 2 - Waldameer Park

Day 5, Part 1 - Idlewild

Day 5, Part 2 - Lakemont Park

Day 5, Part 3 - Del Grosso's Park


East Coast Trip:

Day 1, Part 1 - Sesame Place

Day 1, Part 2 - Coney Island

Day 2 - Six Flags New England

Day 3, Part 1 - Quassy Amusement Park

Day 3, Part 2 - Lake Compounce

Day 4 - Rye Playland

Day 5 - Six Flags Great Adventure

Day 6 - Six Flags America

Day 7 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg


This was a GREAT start to the trip!


More updates will be coming soon!


It was nice of them to close the ride early so we could have our ERT. Thank you Seabreeze!!!


Robb & Dave use the Casey approved "Clench & Squish" technique.


Jahan and Dan spend a romantic evening together on the bobsleds.


For some reason it spun faster with two girls on one side and two dudes, one with a blue tounge, on the other. Weird, huh?


They have no idea they are about to have their insides re-arranged.


Whirlwind is a Mauer Shone spinning coaster and OMFG were we all delerious when we got back to the bus.


Next up was the highlight of the day!


Natalie is the ultimate whore....CREDIT whore...."credit"


Whole lotta spinnin' going on....


The girls of TPR agree! (Yes, man is an honorary TPR girl...")


The ride is REALLY bizarre but totally fun!


See, here's the thing...it used to be a fully wooden coaster similar to Leap the Dips. And then they decided to convert the wood track to steel and make a bobsled.


This ride was totally funktacular!


Onto the Bobsleds...or Bobselds...or "Ghetto Matterhorn"


Stalker alert!


Congrats Rich on Coaster #40!


Just a little bit of enthusiasm there John? =)


Congrats Rich for your #40 coaster!


COASTER!!!! GO!!!!!!


Yay! First park of the trip!


Rich just came!


"Hi Dave...in the dollar store we found Bobble Head Jesus. I hope the Elissa Bingo prizes are as good as this!"


Dan just came.


BOOOO to those who went to Subway!


TPR Takeover at McDonalds!


Hanno or Danny Elfman....you decide!




Our first rest stop included "Robb's Meat Sale." Yum!




The rest of us watched The Muppet Show (Star Wars episode to be exact...OMG Mark Hammil CANNOT act!!)


Well, ok...some people slept....


This is what the group looked like for the entire 6 hour journey to Buffalo.


KidTums ads a new random element to playing pool.


We ended up back at the hotel bar...which is where TPR can usually be found anyway!


We tried to go to dinner, but they kept shutting the power off on us. They must have read the website and knew we were coming....


FYI - It takes at least 14 giant bags to run a TPR trip!

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Lucky! I've been wanting to get on one of those Mauhr (sp) Sohne (sp) spinners for soooo long. Maybe I'll get out to Spinning Dragons with my CF pass Can't wait for the Behemoth updates and reviews! Gotta love the TPR trip reports!



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I'm excited to know that people are playing Elissa Bingo. And yes, the prizes are indeed awesome. Though the store I went to didn't have Bobblehead Jesus, or otherwise I would have bought one!


People on the trip, or the upcoming East Coast trip: KEEP PHOTOGRAPHING ELISSA!!! She loves the attention. And you might win an amazing prize...



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My favorite part of viewing a brand new TPR trip is looking at the brand new females that are taking part in it



Everyone on the trip have fun, and find some computer access to follow along in the Big Mike Road Show 2008 Reader of the Year Find the Ducky Contest if you are still in it



Peace, Big Mike

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One of these people will not be partaking in TPR's Wonderland waterpark takeover.


Looks like a great start to the trip. See y'all tomorrow! (Possibly tonight if youse guys get to the hotel early enough...)


EDIT: OK, just the way Dave's eyes are positioned...



...Reminds me of an unsettling parallel to something.


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People on the trip, or the upcoming East Coast trip: KEEP PHOTOGRAPHING ELISSA!!! She loves the attention. And you might win an amazing prize...



I agree with this. Me and Dave have both been traveling with Robb and Elissa for a long time. Getting her picture taken is by far her favorite part of the trips! And Dave's Elissa bingo prizes are always awesome. So it's a win win situation.

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