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The Official TPR "East Coast/Behemoth Trip" Update

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^^When you find that US park with 10 Good coasters let me know. For me Hershey is the only park close to 10 good coasters and even then I have to stretch the word good.


Yeah, 10 good coasters is a bit of a stretch for any park. Personally, I'd prefer a park like Phantasialand with 3 or 4 really good coasters and a bunch of other solid attractions. Across the board quality, not a bunch of random coasters plopped down in a parking lot.

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^^ Indeed, I might have exagerated a bit saying ten... I'm sure you got the point though... Some of my favourite coasters are in Europe: Ex: Khan, but when you look at it, Port Aventura has this wonderful coaster, then, an accelerator coaster you can only sit on half of the seats to enjoy (the other half will kill your back), then a woodie which has been ruined by stupid new trains, and a senseless minetrain. So, yes, Khan is FANTASTIC, but I'd rather have a day in which I can ride Medusa, Nitro, Toro, Kingda Ka, Batman, Superman (well, it's just ok) and still have some other cheesy coasters I don't care much about (GASM, RT and so on). That's still 6 good coasters in one park... But you're definitely right: the park itself is not particularly beautifully landscaped...

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And I'm totally there with you on the marathon, must prize me off this coaster with a crow-bar attitude to ERT! Boulder Dash was a prime example, just sat in that back car with Kimmy for God-knows how long, not budging! And then Talon! OMG, the Talon ERT session was probably my favourite, that was the biggest blast ever!


I have no idea why I know this or why I kept track, but we did 14 laps on Boulder Dash together. It was completely and utterly amazing.


Any ERT is better than no ERT. It doesn't really bother me if it doesn't start exactly as scheduled. It's not that big of a deal. Also, I'm on vacation. I don't let too much bother me while I'm on vacation. I save the stress for work.

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Day 4, Part 2 - Waldameer Park!


Photos by lots of people - Dan, Hanno, Natalie, Ginny, Erik, Ben, Jes, and lots more. Thank you for contributing them!


It was a great night at Waldameer! Thank you! Our lightning rides on Ravine Flyer II will go down in TPR history!


Next stop....Idlewild.


Yay for more scary Dave photos!






OMG! He's wet...and HAPPY! Must be a Dan-Bot.


There's a train in all that darkness somewhere.


The sky lit up with lightning and craziness for our evening ERT.


Night falls and things start to get a little spooky!


"What do you mean no food? Like...EVER?!?!?"


TPR TAKEOVER on the Pirate's Cove fun house!


Looks like someone left one of their 900 bags behind...


KidTums get a Frog Hopper credit!!!


What exactly were you girls doing in there?!?!?


Does this make Wrebbit cry?




Would you like to see another picture of Ravine Flyer II? Of course you would!


Here's another!


And now a couple funny pictures of TPDave...here's one....


"Hello world. Just when you thought I was strange for eating plain pasta and McDonlads hamburgers, how about a Mustard and Mayo sandwitch? Tyler, would you like some?"


If Madonna had SLR's instead of cones....


As you can see the kiddie woodie here launched at about 100 MPH!


TPR even makes waiting in line fun.


"I believe I can fly."


Random group photo! "Everyone go molest the clown!"


OMG! What are those pig nose mutant creatures?!?! Bring back Trevor!!!


"Jolly, Jolly, Jolly...I love the Wacky Shack."


Yay! KidTums gets a Wacky Shack credit!


Time to get Wa....Wa....WACKY!!!


Winner of the 2008 Expression of the Year award!


*NOT* Dan Approved! (Give yourself a bingo square)


Then there was the evil Log Flume of wet death.


Kiddie Credit! Cha-Ching.


Equally as important as Ravine Flyer II was Ravine Flyer 3!


Over the bridge we go with a very nice pop of airtime!


And if you're a roller coaster enthusaist and a bridge fanatic, then you'll never have a reason to leave Waldameer!


Just look at that view! Very sexy!


Ok, ok, who are we kidding? We're here for Ravine Flyer II!


And Brooke was his #1 fangirl!


Trevor was the star of the show...


Tonight we will not be roller coaster fans, but instead we are "Retro Active Groupies!"


Now some of you may think we are here to ride the new Ravine Flyer II...well, not quite...


This stuff didn't come off for weeks! =)


We got in the park and they stamped us up good.


The next stop of our tour was Waldameer Park!

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I may not have been at Waldameer with you all, but I was definitely there in spirit. The proof: I am somehow riding in the second seat of the first car on the NINETY DEGREES photo - Yay!


Damn, I have got to make it back to Waldameer and ride Ravine Flyer II at night....

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OOOOHHHH NOOO!!!!!! I can't believe that picture is on there!!!

HAHA. That is the funniest, and most embarrassing, thing EVER!


^yes that was actual terror. I seriously thought that ride was going to break on us. But, I did ride it several times, because it was so scary. I do think that was the best drop tower ever. Serious terror. Serious. And there's the proof.


Oh lord.



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Those drop towers are most certainly the scariest ones ever built. I just wanted to say that the Ravine Flyer 2 ERT was the highlight of the Behemoth trip for me. I remember sitting in the front row as it started to pour rain with lightning over Lake Erie as we went up the lift hill. Boy was that a super insane night.

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Robb, awesome update as usual! Love the captions, they're what I look forward to the most haha


Looks like you guys had an amazing time at the add-on. Can't wait to see the rest.


OOOOHHHH NOOO!!!!!! I can't believe that picture is on there!!!

HAHA. That is the funniest, and most embarrassing, thing EVER!


^yes that was actual terror. I seriously thought that ride was going to break on us. But, I did ride it several times, because it was so scary. I do think that was the best drop tower ever. Serious terror. Serious. And there's the proof.


Oh lord.




That pic is priceless man! Ok, very happy to know that I wasn't the only one who had that look on those things. Atmosfear was my first and only huge drop tower on the trip, which I think is like that one at Waldameer. It didn't even stop at the top for a breather....

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