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  1. Awww i'm so jealous, just had a look at all the pics and it looks like you guiys had such a wicked time!!!! Hopefully i'll do another trip nxt year, mega wishin id done this years!!!
  2. Awwww guys!! It looks like you's had sooooooo much fun, Ive looked lookin through all the piccies and the trip report even if it does make me terribly jealous hehe!!! Looked amazin!!! Was mint of you's all to get together and keep the hooters crewness alive!!!! Haha you's went to Reflex too, yes I love that place, true 80sness!! Then Hooters n BPB!!!!! Glad you's enjoyed Noahs Ark as much as me, its the best thing at BPB!!!!
  3. Aww ace Jahan, not logged on for a while and was just chatting to Fat Ass about it so was ace to see all those piccies again!! Brings back sooo many amazing memories n I still miss it!!
  4. Lol boringg film, ace night though!! Was such a great experience waiting in the Opa building with the water coming in then the power cut, putting all our stuff in the big bag to hide it from the rain and running barefoot in the water (which feels awesome ) good times!!
  5. Snifffff the end of a fabby trip report!! Just like the fabby trip itself!! I've so loved reading it like loads of other people I'm sure!! I was totally lovin those captions too!! Shame the SROS didn't take bribes ey!! Omg yeah what was with that doody blue canopy thing over the lil aeroplane tunnel, that's well smart!! and you even ended with your signature shot which has become so fab through the update and it was in Manchester too which makes it even cooler Good work Divv lad
  6. I've only just noticed that now Tom lol!!! I've also got some vintage woodie coaster posters that need ironed lol!! Got a lil piece of the Wildcat from the now old Pleasureland! A bit of BPB mr funshine carpet, a lapbar thing from Frontierland, some nuts n bolts, oo Pepsi Max Big One step too that I carried from Southport on public transport to Bury, my my that was fun lol!! Also got loadsa leaflets and random stuff hanging around!! The best headboard ever that even got me in the Southport newspaper ! Mmm sex on a wall!
  7. HOOTERS!!! NYC stylee ey!! Lovin it and the fact you were in the Irish bar at 9am, classic!! That pricey Cedar Point poncho did come in handy too then, I still have a Port Aventura 1 from 2004 so I'm sure yours will last long too!! It's a shame to hear Cyclone wasn't too exciting, at least it looks damn sexy anywho
  8. Mmmmm Divv, Stella AND a tuna toastie!! Heaven surely, why couldn't they have tuna toastie's anywhere I was lol!! oo check those shiny buildings too Divv in the background!! Yup even if it's blurry ya gotta keep up those constipation photos
  9. Not so Wild thing lol!!! Must be lame if the PMBO's better lol!!! Aww ya did look tired in that first piccy too!! Blessage lol!! Wooot keep em comin tho!!
  10. DIVVVV!!! aww that was a fab end to the TPR part of the updates!! Aww well brought back memories of the last day!! It was such a sad moment gettin off the beast, was awful knowing it was out last ride and the end of the trip luckily yeah we all congregated in the lobby again for our last night, lotsa Hooters crew antics as usual and pizza mmm!! Was sad just looking through those last day photos!! Can't wait to see the other updates though of the other parks you went to!!! Bring the next chapter on!!
  11. ^ Lmaooo that picture is just crazy!! Really does show just how much airtime you get!! I was outta my seat so much it was unreal!! Haha yeah "I did 10 rides" "No you didnt ya only did 9" no kiss for you haha!!
  12. Maaaan I missed a Noah's Ark!!! Arghh I love the 1 at Blackpool, such a shame I missed it, bet it was fab!! Also missed the deep fried Oreos too I was disappointed with Kennywood though, I was expecting to get a good vibe from it, but it didn't do a lot unfortunately and maybe the fact I was in agony with my feet all day added to it a bit too. Exterminator was defo the best spinning mouse I've been on, it was awesome!! Lotsa spinny goodness there and the whip was great too, Erik loved that too!! Haha also the day did start off awesome with harassing trp on that spinny ride, haha mint!!
  13. Hahaha Divv, that last piccy of ya looks as if you've maybe relieved yourself there with that wee smile and the sun is out for ya too!! Cedar Point Cedar Point oh my!! Power cuts, lotsa rain, losin the Hooters crew with the lack of lightage, fab sexy glam lookin lobby, balloon ducky, the beach at 4am or sommat, TGI fridays, Maverick, TTD, lovely sandwich lunch, waiting for the non existent taxi to the mall!!
  14. Haha I just love the token constipated piccy Divv!! I'd be so shocked if you had a report without your trademark pose now!! Aww man deja vu was soooo painful!! I was expecting nice Stunt Fall goodness but omg was I in for a shock!! The Q bots were awesome apart from our group gettin a dodgy one!! A vivid memory for me though and I'm sure the others, we spent ages gettin from 1 end of the park to other to try find me some vegi food to find an Italian place that appeared to be close at 12 with a deaf employee in the back!! So she finally clocked that she was wanted out and insisted o
  15. Yay they're back!! I wasn't too impressed with any of the rides at Mt Olympus (esp Hades *cries*) at all really though the go karts kicked ass, especially the time when I beat sooo many people at once and especially Matt Damon in the last few seconds, get in !! Though my luck took a turn on the final ones where I got the slowest car possible and I just couldn't overtake anyone!! Aww man, trying to get on the kiddy ride too, I so thought I'd made it and she even saw me getting on and didn't stop me! I got so excited and then bang!! The thunderstorm was so fab too, being stuck in the Opa bu
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