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Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany Discussion Thread

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Dang I'm so mad I was at work all day and couldn't participate in this little game! Well....it was fun to read about non the less.


LOL! I'm like you! I was at work and out shopping (tax free weekend) this whole day and I missed out on all the fun of this post! It very entertaining to read though lol. This has to happen again! lol

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Please forgive me Christiana I really never meant it to come to this...you are welcome to visit Germany with me next summer


I would personally love to see a new ride at SFNE...if nothing else but to dethrone Supes as the best coaster in the park.


I'm suddenly craving funnelcakes ::drool::

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For anyone who may be interested in the construction of this new coaster, I've posted a few photos to the Intern Site today. I'm hoping to keep this coaster's construction updated there, so check back there if you remain interested! (In other words, I won't keep bumping this thread )


Looking down the first drop and where the adjacent return run will be. The ride will wrap around the pond that can be seen further down the hill.

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