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Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany Discussion Thread

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robbalvey wrote:

Who said the page had to be in English?



No one, but the only other language I speak besides English is Southern English.




(hahaha...three edits in about 8 seconds. That's some sort of record, right?)

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Ok, remember what I said....


To add to it, this is a BRAND NEW GCI Coaster that has not been announced, talked about, or mentioned ANYWHERE other than the link I am looking for.


So if you find it, not only do you get the bag of crap, but the glory of discovering this new GCI woodie to the coaster enthusiast world!




The Great America woodie has been talked about here, so that's not it.

Renegade and Evel Knievel are already open, so that's not it.

The SFMM woodie and WoF woodie have been discussed here so that's not it.


This is something TOTALLY NEW and until today totally "undiscovered"

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^ The Alton Towers woodie has also been discussed on TPR.


Again, this is NEW!!! There has only been one site that has ANY information on this woodie at all. I will tell you that it will be hard to find, but it IS out there!


The "three words" are kind of obvious, or, are at least not as difficult as it may seem.



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My guess about the auto bingo is that everytime someone said something correct they got Bingo...meaning yes, correct.


So far that means the file name change and non english.


Other than that I dont have much.


I am really enjoying the hunt.

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