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  1. I love that one. I told people all the time, I work at six flags as a supervisor. Then they ask "Isn't it closed?" I just want to reply "Yep, I get paid to hold the sign that says CLOSED"
  2. My guess about the auto bingo is that everytime someone said something correct they got Bingo...meaning yes, correct. So far that means the file name change and non english. Other than that I dont have much. I am really enjoying the hunt.
  3. This is cool. There is such thing as a coaster trout, aka coaster brook trout. I am not a great detective but perhaps someone will relate this.
  4. So no new guess, but the SFMM coaster is supposed to be a GCI too. This makes me happy. http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/magic-mountain-woode-2357/ Feel free to read. It does not have 3 words though.
  5. I would appreciate a coaster instead of more housing. They are creating suburbia hell. Even the land around the park has been classified as "business offices". I think there is enough BOH area to put it in there. An expansion of the hard park and the water park would be great. We shall see.
  6. Well, do remember that Psyclone actually was a GREAT ride when it first opened. So was Colossus. To add to that so was GhostRider... Hmmm..... --Robb Being a frequent visitor of Six Flags Magic Mountain, and a faithful employee for...oh 9 years, I will agree that they were good. Psyclone lacked the enjoyment that GhostRider had (at least for me). Unfortunately, I have been out of the SFMM loop for quite some time and with my focus on other coasters and systems, I haven't been keeping as great tabs as I would like. I will say that Colossus is great., but even better BACKWARDS! It makes Fright Fest more fun. I would be impressed with this coaster at SFMM, especially with the great new editions and enhancements that the park overall is doing. It would be a step in the right direction. P.S. Thanks for sharing with us, and the guessing makes it enjoyable. It is almost like we are battling for where we want it to be put.
  7. My guess is the SFMM... It was a happy day when psyclone left. It will be an even happier one when SFMM gets a real woody. I have always envied those that had great ones. Its our turn....please .
  8. Has anyone else been to the new Hard Rock Park? I would love to read some reviews about it.
  9. Hey all, I am doing some research on the suspended windshear by Zamperla. The only one in the US i could find was at the now closed New Orleans Six Flags. There it was called "Lex Luthor’s Invertatron". I was curious if any of you would have information on this ride, or one like it. I was interested in knowing how thrilling it is and how popular it is. Has anyone been on it? Can you describe your experience? Did anyone work there? If so, How was it to maintain? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Rey
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