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Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany Discussion Thread

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Well, still don't know if I'm right or not... or even if that was the site Robb was refering to...
You got it. Robb gave you a wiener.


Thanks for deleting my three(?) posts. I have no idea what was happening during the site downtime.


Congrats, CoasterLover. Now give us the info, Robb!

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Sounds very cool. Seems like a really unique ride compared to the others GCI has done. Will the tunnels be full, or just roofs like on Roar?

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Ok, story time...gather around the campfire little TPR's campers!


I was chatting to Joe at GCI last night about some random stuff and we got on the subject of a new GCI project that he *thought* was announced very quietly but he couldn't say anything about it until he could confirm that indeed the park had put up a banner announcing the ride.


So this morning I get an email from Evan & Joe with the images in my email box and a link to the post that Coasterlover eventually found saying something about "lets turn this into a game."


And I figured "HELL YES!!!"


So I posted the images and of course everyone was assuming it was SFMM, WoF, CGA, Morey's or any other "rumored" GCI woodie project that's been floating around.


A few people actually did guess the park right but I realized that in order to be a real "game" there needed to be a goal.


Finding the link was the most obvious choice for an ending to all this madness.


The only REAL clues were the "three words" which, if you Googled "Great Coasters Plohn" you would find on Page 2 of Google this link:



When you think about it, it's not THAT hard. "Manufacturers Name" + "Park Name"


The topic subtitle originally said "GCI" but I changed that to "Great Coasters" and that was the "Change" that I made and also two of the words.


I thought some people would figure out the third word because "Forellenhof" was a clue in that the park name is "Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn." If you searched "Forellenhof" on RCDB it comes right up.


I purposely changed the filenames so it would draw attention to "Forellenhof" and thought that would make people go down that road a bit even more. That didn't work!


hansrubens was technically the first person who posted about Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn so I should probably send him a bag of crap too!


Norman translated "Forellenhof" to "Trout Farm" which is why I posted the pictures of the trout and "Fishy Fishy Fish."


The bingo cards meant nothing other than "BINGO! You are heading in the right direction!"


So congrats to coasterlover! PM me with your address and you'll get a bag of crap!


--Robb "Did I leave anything out?" Alvey

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A LOT of luck...


I really felt the original name of the images, "forellenhof", was a big clue and I ran with it. When I found that there really was a park with that name, I couldn't get it out of my mind that that was the park in reference. As such, I began a long quest on google to find a page that would present the proof. As such, I searched for pages containing Forellenhof Plohn, 2009, GCII, GCI, roller coaster... any terms that seemed they might work. When you hinted that the page was not in english, I changed my search for only pages written in German and started searching for German terms... achterbahn (the German word for Roller Coaster) being the most helpful.


A search for "Forellenhof Achterbahn 2009" yielded no results, but when I changed the search to "Freizeitpark Plohn Achterbahn 2009" (RCDB suggested "Freizeitpark Plohn" as the more common name of the park, I had a hit. The seventh entry down looked to most closely fit my search and when I saw "Great Coasters" in the hit result, I figured I must have stumbled upon the result...


A bit backwards of a way of finding it, and probably the most coincidental way to find it, but it ended up being successful, so I can't complain...


Robb, I PMed you my addy, if you could verify that you got it, that would be appreciated...

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hansrubens was technically the first person who posted about Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn so I should probably send him a bag of crap too!



Yeah I win, I win.


But I guess I was too late on giving the details of this coaster.


Those damn timezones.

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From the same original message board I found the "announcement" they have a picture of the banner and the initial site work now up as well...



Initial Ground Work



The banner at the park, complete with park logo, ride layout picture, stats, and GCII logo.


Again, the link to that thread is as follows:


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