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  1. I'll be in Chicago this weekend so I'll try and snap a few pictures of places you might recognize.
  2. I don't know if it's the same one, but it's from SFGAmworld.com, which you might want to check out to help you plan. Hope this helps. http://www.sfgamworld.com/parkinfo/Maps/2008parkmap.jpg
  3. When we went to Orlando we only went to USF. I don't know how long you're staying but we rented a house with a pool and three bedrooms. We also got USF Two Park One Week Unlimited passes. This helped A LOT because we stayed for a whole week and we could just drive on down to Universal anytime we wanted, and if we didn't want to go to the parks, then there were plenty of other things to do.
  4. Good to see some pictures of good 'ole Chitown. Hopefully headed down Sunday for the Retro on Roscoe festival.
  5. ^ Teehee. One day I had to go to the dentist and had my Science Fair paper due the next day, so I typed it on my Sidekick. I looked sort of strange, but you gotta do, what you gotta do.
  6. Go Sox! Although, I am being forced to go to a Cubs game in late August so I plan on bringing my iPod and a hoodie.
  7. Wow. The whole stand around and wait for the ride to stop, and then get on, is crazy. Too bad Americans are too stupid and all we get are a couple of Zippers and a Spinning Dragons -sigh-
  8. Wow I live an hour and a half away from Chicago and haven't been there for months! Last time I was there they started building Trump Tower, but I'm going down this weekend!
  9. OK that totally made my day! You had me cracking up with every caption! Nice Job! XD ^ Haha! XD XD XD XD Just type "X" and "D" in your next post!
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