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  1. I rode Predator yesterday and have to say the new trains are MUCH better. I never thought that they would make this much improvement. If you get to Darien Lake you have to try Predator again.
  2. Courts are not in the position of determining market value (thank god), only if offenses are committed. If there's no evidence pointing at collusion, there's no reason not to allow the sale to go through, assuming the sale gets approved by stockholders. No evidence of collusion and no larger offers = that's what Cedar Fair may actually be worth. One of the arguments against selling now is that the economy will rebound in 2010, and the value of Cedar Fair will go up. That's a big if. If Cedar Fair bets on black again and the economy comes up double zeros for the 3rd year in a row, it could
  3. Sorry for the delay in responding but I missed my usual Darien Lake search. These are all special event days. May 15th was Middle School Science Day. May 22nd, I am not sure of , but the 29th is Career Day. These are listed under "Group Events" in the "Events" drop down on the Darien Lake web page. I have been there on special event days and there is usually no problem. Just a little larger crowd.
  4. We were in line for the Racer and saw you have to ride again. I was wondering why you had not gotten off until I realized that you couldn't. The trees being gone by the Racer makes the view much better. Phantoms re-tracking doesn't seem to add anything to the ride, IMHO. All in all, we had a great time. Well worth the drive from Cleveland.
  5. First park for 2009 will be Kennywood on May 2nd. - their opening day. I will hit Phantom first. The next weekend will be at Darien Lake - their opening day. With my usual season opener on RoS.
  6. First park of 2009 will be Kennywood. Because it opens 1 week earlier than Darien Lake. First coaster at Kennywood - don't care they are all good. First coaster at Darien Lake - Ride of Steel.
  7. RoS at Darien Lake. At night, the first drop looks like you are dropping into nothing but darkness. In the fall there is sometimes fog over the lake making this drop even better.
  8. Robb, I'll go through my Geauga Lake videos tonight to see what I have. I've also posted on Geauga Lake Todays forum that you are looking for Big Dipper, Villain, and Raging Wolf Bobs. I'm sure that someone there has what your looking for.
  9. Golden Tickets are a "weighted" poll. While they give out ballots to selected people they also can do what ever they want in the "weighing" of the ballots. Therefore the desired result is assured. People vote with their feet and wallets. Golden Tickets are just P.R.
  10. While Kennywood may be doing this to attract more locals some of us in Cleveland are planning to buy season passes. We come in from Cleveland where Kennywood tickets are sold for $22.00 at Discount Drug Marts. The Kennywood tickets are selling very well. But even at those low prices the season pass will pay off for us. Also "older" folks can buy a funday ticket for $15.00 at the gate now. Kennywood has a great park at really low prices. The road work is not too bad, at least coming in from the west. It adds about 10-15 minutes to our drive.
  11. When the CEO says stuff like the following it's not too hard to feel a little miffed about the parks.
  12. This map is perfect. I can upscale this easily and print it huge. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much.
  13. We're going on August 22-25 and the map from the Six Flags site is awful. When brought up to 100% view it is blurry. I've tried converting it and upsizing it via Adobe Imageready, but no luck. I did not have this problem with the SFMM map, just Great America. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Ultimately, the only thing that Six Flags did wrong at Geauga Lake was to sell it to Cedar Fair.
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