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Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany Discussion Thread

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Yeah, Six Flags Great America is actually in Gurnee, Illinois. But most people know it for being "in" Chicago. I really doubt it's for SFGam. Adding a wooden coaster smaller than the two they already have? But hey, they added a wild mouse this year when they already had a spinning once so who knows. Screamscape has said that a Splash Battle will open in that area in 2009. Who knows...




Six Flags St Louis didn't just do that or anything...


Whats really throwing me off here is it looks like the ride uses the terrain quite a bit. The return run looks completely down hill. There are also bridges in the first turnaround, maybe it wraps around a flat? I really don't know, but it does look like a fun layout.

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I usually don't look at file names, but...




Could this mean anything? Probably not... I tried.


Who is this Ellen Hof and why is she getting her own coaster?





Are you serious? Even I don´t have a clue, but that´s definitely not it. Forellenhof means as much as trout farm, so I guess it might be some kind of water ride.







As much as a TROUT farm, eh?

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Ok everyone...


Here's the deal...


Somewhere out there is some "information" on this mystery coaster.


If you Google the correct three words, you can find information about this ride that includes the:


- Park

- Height

- Speed

- Length


The first person to find and post that link wins a BIG 'OL TPR BAG OF CRAP!!!


Have fun playing!



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I think I just found the model or drawing on the GCI website and although there is no information the coaster is not fairly huge or long. The top height is about ninety feet tall with 3800 feet of track. I dont know if this is relevant but the coaster is not super huge or long so I believe these may be the right coordinates with a few changes.


Could this be the new coaster from the GCI website.

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^ If you figure out what the three words are to Google you will find something!


Any three words in the English language, huh? Well, the English language has approximately 1,000,000 words, which if you do the math, means there is 166,666,166,700,000,000 possible answers to Robb's riddle. Thanks a lot, Robb.


Edit: Whoops, a little late.

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I will tell you that all three words have been posted in this forum already. And if you can figure out what just changed, that gives away two of the words.




To add to it, this is a BRAND NEW GCI Coaster that has not been announced, talked about, or mentioned ANYWHERE other than the link I am looking for.


So if you find it, not only do you get the bag of crap, but the glory of discovering this new GCI woodie to the coaster enthusiast world!



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