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Freizeitpark Plohn, Germany Discussion Thread

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It could mean something...or it could mean nothing....


It could mean everything...or it could be a trick....




Ok well to go back on my guess of a few minutes ago, the whole "You Decide" thing could also fit in as a popular term used around elections. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an elected official and is related to the proposed theme. Can't see where it would fit at SFMM, and am likely reading way to much into it, but this is fun none-the-less.

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Well, do remember that Psyclone actually was a GREAT ride when it first opened. So was Colossus. To add to that so was GhostRider...






I'm doing what TJ said and letting the inner nerd out...


Robb put particularly emphasis on GREAT, as in GREAT Coasters International, when describing Psyclone, the former woodie at SFMM; possibly a clue that this GCI is replacing Psyclone.


Yet another clue that this has to be SFMM's new woodie.

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Well, for starters, the names of the images have been changed from forellenhof_1 and forellenhof_2 to unknown_1 and unknown_2, therefore, one would have to assume that "forellenhof" must be some sort of clue/indication...


Ok, well there is a city in the corner of the game (Chicago?)

Also the company that made it was based in in Chicago

(I know it's a stretch but)


The nearest park to Chicago is...

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I feel dumb now! When I first opened this thread 6 hours ago, it didn't occur to me that Robb was playing a game with us! D'oh!


Well based of the context clues, I am lead to believe that this new GCI wooden coaster is, in my best guess at this moment, heading for SFMM.

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^^lol! Come on, give us more credit than that! This was the nice way of Robb getting out all the information he's allowed to release right now...instead of some other sites where someone would post "I know something you don't know!".


Keep guessing everyone, like Robb said...the answer IS out there...but I'm not sure it's in this thread? ...or is it???

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Actually, I think Kiddieland is the closest park to Chicago...


If this is for SFGAM, then it is much needed. However, Eagle never has a long line, and a new wooden coaster might mean an end for it as there will be no need to keep it open. Now, I doubt this wil actually go to SFGAM, but if it is, then I could see how it might fit where Deja vu and Splash Water Falls were.


I hope it does, as the last great coaster we got that is still open was Raging Bull. Yes we have S:UF and V2, but while popular with the GP, they aren't great rides. As was with Dark Knight an Evel Kneviel, I see this ride being popular with families, and hated by teenagers. However, that will be good as anything that can keep the teenagers away is good for the park.


Now, I still think that this coaster is for Worlds of Fun, but I'll be really happy if it shows up at Six Flags Great America.

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Yeah, Six Flags Great America is actually in Gurnee, Illinois. But most people know it for being "in" Chicago. I really doubt it's for SFGam. Adding a wooden coaster smaller than the two they already have? But hey, they added a wild mouse this year when they already had a spinning once so who knows. Screamscape has said that a Splash Battle will open in that area in 2009. Who knows...



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