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Europa Park Discussion Thread

P. 92: New coaster and more coming to Europa Park!

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Yesterday additional artwork has been revealed and to me it looks like the old theme will be still there in form of the VR ride (which will have a separate entrance btw)



I was gonna question the sci-fi theme of the VR entrance compared to everything else but since it's supposedly right next to Silver Star it fits.

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Europa-Park replaces old dino darkride Universum der Energie




An old attraction in Europa-Park gets a second life. The German theme park will replace the dino darkride Universum der Energie, located in the French themed area. A new background story and another name were created: Madame Freudenreich Curiosités. The dinosaur theme remains the same.


Universum der Energie opened back in 1994. Guests took a five-minute trip through a dark jungle with moving dinosaurs. The darkride was based on Universe of Energy in the Disney park Epcot, Florida, USA.


From this summer visitors will be welcomed in the world of the French Madame Freudenreich. According to the accompanying story, she has a shop with souvenirs and curiosities in the French region of Alsace. Through a former wine cellar guests enter a dense dinosaur breeding farm with prehistoric monsters, fed by the old lady with cake.


The entrance to the darkride is next to the indoor coaster Eurosat. This attraction will also receive a renovation this winter. The iconic rollercoaster is being demolished and rebuilt, with a Moulin Rouge theme. It will be named Eurosat - CanCan Coaster.






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I like that they're making the French rides more French. I adore Europa Park but some of the ride themes/locations are a little random


Yeah, I never understood what made the old Eurosat "French." The plan to freshen up the old dino ride sounds good, too.

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Europa really took a lot from Disney when they first opend. But now they have the staff and creative minds to do there own things. With 5.5Million visitors, the money is obviousely there.

I like that they update the little rides, including this one. It will not bring more visitors, so other parks would just let it rod or close, here they take some money in hand to update it. Shows that the park is actually caring.

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That's a great photo--thanks! I wonder how the "Can Can" theme is going to work on this ride--maybe VR? Projections?


A bunch of animatronic Can Can Dancers all high kicking, along the lift hill!


Awesome inside view from the top, by the way.

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Europa-Park renews attraction from 1977




A 41 year old attraction in Europa-Park will be refurbished this winter. The German amusement park renews the Old 99 Circus Parade tour, which opened in 1977. The ride will get a new theme which is based on the popular German children's book Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer.


At the end of March, a cinema film of the same name will be premiered in Germany. The children's attraction with locomotives will be named Jim Knopf - Reise durch Lummerland. The ride, built by Mack Rides, is being modernized. In addition, there will be multiple interactive elements during the ride.


This year, more attractions in the French themed area will be renovated. The indoor rollercoaster Eurosat and the darkride Universe der Energie will get a make-over. Europa-Park will open its doors on Saturday 24 March.





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