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Photo TR: Lake Winnie '08

Green or Yellow?  

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It was that time of year again. Time to take advantage of a free "Family Day" from Shannon's employer. Free is always good, and especially when LW's involved. I still love this little park, but I'm kind of getting restless, hoping for a moderate to large new addition of some kind. This year, all the park received was a large playground for the kids (not pictured in this TR). It's really nothing you can't find at any local city park.


Eh, no need to complain too much, I just wish they had an owner with slightly deeper pockets. The park is great already, but still has so much potential. Anyway, it was a great day as we got to hang out with Andrew (Swimace) and Joe (ParkTrips). It was Andrew's first visit, and the first time we'd seen Joe in a while.


Everything but the Orbiter and the brand new playground were open, and Cannonball was running great from the non-wheel seats.


We ask that you help in the big debate of the day. Please take the poll when prompted, and help restore order to the world. I'll mention later who thought what was what. Thanks.


On to the pics....


Thank you all for reading, and thanks for joining us, guys!


That's right, kid...commit to it!


Not as creepy as another moon face out there, but close.


Over to the *haunted* Castle, where these reactions clearly tell the story.


Or maybe because there's a SF employee in training? ;)


Joe seems thrilled. Perhaps it's because of the ten minute ride cycle?



Carousel time....and another history lesson as well.


And then you can decide if this is

A) Funny

B) Disturbing

C) Scary

D) Completely Wrong

E) All of the above


Ok, here's where you come in. After our ride, it was time for a drink. One of us ordered the Green Powerade. After being told they didn't have any, we received this one. Now, is this Green or Yellow? You make the call!


And a slightly disorienting one for ya.


A normal looking POV shot.


Fly-O-Plane time!


Mmmmm, In-N-Out.


Hey Andrew, what happens when you step on that black mat? ;)


Cue the dueling banjos.


As Joe said, "Hey, we changed 20% of it. We're in the clear!"


There's sooo many good captions one could use here. I'll leave it to you though.


Mark Shapiro has obviously not evaluated this park yet.


Sploosh, splash, or whatever other water sounding word you can think of, I guess.




Okay, this picture is funny to me for two reasons. One...Joe. Two....how do you manage to close your eyes for a self-pic?


Where you're treated to another lifthill shot.


After about 42 minutes of dark silence, you arrive at this.


But keep in mind, someone's watching. Who? That's for you to wonder about.


You're about to enter the sleep zone.


History lesson before our thrilling ride.



Blurry shot before someone was owned. She returned the favor later, however.


Unless you're wearing an Epcot Center shirt and have a desire to destroy everyone with a steering wheel in front of them. =)


Bumper car time.


These appear to be new. Not quite sure why either?


This is the last of the lifthill shots....or is it?


What ever happened to The Breeders anyway?


Andrew said this was a rare treat. He generally doesn't enjoy drop towers all that much. Wound up riding at least a good handful of times today....fooled us. ;)


The ribcracker wasn't all that bad today. That's not to say it was good either...they just figured out how to properly apply the brakes.


Hey, even the Conestoga was operating today.


And that would be a lifthill shot for someone out there.


That would be Andrew anxiously getting his kiddie credit of the day.



View across the lake on this overcast day.


Freakishly large fish attacking a goose.



Okay, not attacking....but that woulda been cool.


This is what they call a park map.

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1) I rode that drop tower more times that day than all of the drop towers I've ridden in the past five years combined. You got special treatment, but at least by the third or fourth try I could keep my eyes open for the whole thing.


2) When you step on the black mat the ride stops, or at least that's what I hear.


3) Put whatever caption you want, but at least I dominated Joe on that slide despite the fact he had a better start. If I'm going to take funny pictures I'm at least going to do it as a winner, haha.


Great TR man!

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Scott, I ask once more, why do you rock so hard? Awesome TR, dude. You have hooked me up, yet again. Looks like it was a good time. I miss that park so much. I have got to get back there sometime this year.


And I must say, in the picture, it definitely looks yellow.

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Great TR. I was supposed to go to LW this weekend as well... then it changed to SFOG.... then bad weather yesterday left me at home in a tv/internet coma!


Speaking of The Breeders... they have a somewhat new CD "Mountain Battles." There was a review in last weeks "The Pulse".

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Oh, and the Powerade is definitely a light shade of green.

Okay, for starters, this is correct. Those of you who voted YELLOW.....are doing it wrong.



EDIT: And for the record, Shannon sparked the debate by stating that it is clearly Yellow. I still love her anyway.


Scott, I ask once more, why do you rock so hard?
Dude, it's a scientific phenomenon. It can't be explained. Nah, thanks!


When you step on the black mat the ride stops, or at least that's what I hear.



They should've bottled some of that delicious lake water for you, now that is green.

LOL. Yes, it is certainly green.....and I wouldn't put it past some of LW's visitors to buy some of that delicious bottled lake water.


that trash can is e)all of the above


You're right, fish attacking that bird would have been awesome, especially if they had been using catapults.

The world can have John Malkovich. Someone tell me there's a portal to Dave's brain somewhere.




The Powerade is clearly yellow. However I picked green in the poll.


Why? I just thought it was a random question and answered before viewing the Photo TR



Thanks for the Breeders update. I must've been living under a rock or something.



As always, thank you all for the kind words!

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The trash cans are both scary and wrong. I just mean... like... who thinks those are a good idea? Seriously?


Should we get down to Florida this year, Lake Winnie is on our shortlist of parks to hit. Hopefully cash constraints won't prevent it!


I can see where green comes in to the powerade bottle, but I still thought it looked more yellow than green. So, yellow it was.

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^^ Thanks, Rick. Yeah, it sucks that the timing of Spring Fling doesn't work better with LW's opening dates.



Whatever color the Powerade is, the bottle is almost the same size as your wife.


Yeah, I made it a point to find the perfect "carrying size" wife. When she gets tired, I simply put her in my cargo pants pocket.


Oh, and I forgot you were all about the mycokerewards thing. My bad.

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I personally love Lake Winnie, and this tr really makes me want to go back. It just has a really nice air about it. I love the carnival type, randomly placed rides theme, as well as the history behind it. That dark ride is one of the strangest things I have ever ridden, I got off with a feeling like I had been mentally raped. Cannonball is my favorite woodie !

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