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California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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I take back all the praise I ever gave to the concept of "original" themes.

The jungle theme I like,

The ride I like,

The interaction I like..

But the TV SHOW connections... argh!


Also, this is certainly a coaster by definition. It features all the attributes associated with a coaster. Just because the version before it was a flat ride, doesn’t mean the upgrade is still a flat. Look at the Robocoaster and Robocoaster on a track rides- I bet people will regard the latter as a coaster, even though the initial concept was a flat ride.

HOWEVER, it is a powered coaster. So I doubt many credit counters will accept it anyway…

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If people would say , “The capital originally intended for CGA was repurposed for KI instead”, that makes more sense. But saying a coaster went to park A instead of park B... there’s absolutely no way

Oh yeah, no complaints alright. I just hope all this virus crap doesn't affect our 2021.

Just found out not too long ago the parks in our area can reopen but Santa Clara county is forcing them to stay shut. In other news, scbb might be the first to open under newsoms new guidelines. 

Posted Images

Richard Hatch is the uncle of a kid on my basketball team!


Anyways its kinda ironic that the day after I find construction pics and post them that PGA makes an announcement. This ride still looks alot of fun never the less.

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Unbelievable! I kept looking for this update, but I didn't see it until now. Thanks for posting it!


I also don't know about this ride. I don't want to get wet, then ride a so-called rollercoaster. It might be a fun ride, but my question would be how wet will you get?

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Our state is so small, almost everyone in it is related to Richard Hatch.


Anyways, I've never been on a conventional Disko, but considering the thing's powered I would definately agree that it's just a bizzare flat ride.


I think the interactive water thing sounds cool, hope it all fits in the budget.

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I still like how they're trying to pass this off as a roller coaster, then going on to say they now have more coasters than anyone else in Northern California, yet they had 2 more real coasters back 3 years ago!


If we're counting this as a coaster, I'm now up to like 6,493 credits with all the pirate ships, disk-os, rock n tugs, etc that I've been on!

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For me it's nothing to get excited over. Its small, it's powered and it looks boring. Plus, I live on the other side of the country. So I am not that excited.


Translation: WHAAA!!! Dorney didn't get one!!!!




I think it looks pretty kick ass. I love the outward facing seats on Disk-O's, they really give you a lot of freedom of movement. Plus the park really hasn't had much in the way of new rides in a while, plus they;ve lost 2 coasters!


I don't care if it counts as a coaster, ferris wheel, or what. I'm just glad the park got something cool!


...except with the marketing there's going to be hour long waits for a Disk-O!



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You know, I saw a video on Zamperla's website of that "Coaster". It didn't look real exciting.


The car took a while just to get over the hump! I think the water effects are put in to keep people interested on the ride.

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Disk-Os are tons of fun, so I think this ride should be great. Adding a little hill to the traditional Disk-O looks like a fun little twist. Not a coaster though.


Survivor (a show I love) seems like an interesting choice to theme a ride around. I am curious how this "immunity challenge" before the ride works. Does it basically do the function of a preshow? Weird idea, but fits in with the theme. Where in the park will this ride be located?

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Yes, the concept drawing looks pretty good--it would fit well at PKD in the Congo section. But where is it going at Great America? The last time I checked, the USA lacks any heavily jungled areas except for Hawaii.


Then again, they do have an Australian-themed water park.


So much for the old concept of a "stylistic" vision of America (the park's original concept).

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It has been my experience, since I only live about 10 minutes away from PGA and spend a lot of time there, (and used to work there), that during the season it's best to go during the week-Monday thru Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are generally "light" days. <10-30 min wait for Invertigo versus 45min to an hour or more on the weekends and Friday, for example> Too many people there during Friday-Sunday, it makes waiting in long lines to go on short rides not worth it. But towards the end of the season is probably the best time to go as the crowds start thinning out. And and hot days, lookout! Boomerang Bay gets slammed!.


-It's worth the trip, for the few coasters it has (minus Fizzly) Drop Zone, and a few other attractions, the park itself is beutiful and well maintained. Whenever I need a quick coaster fix, I'll just pop over there for a few rides before work.




Be warned, Vortex is a real head banger.


Hope this helps.

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