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  1. i was always in love with coasters probly since i was 5 but i was scared to death to ride them but i loved looking at them and watching people ride then around 12 i got hooked on riding roller coasters!
  2. ^ must smell from not taking a shower < is gay as HELL!
  3. PKI opening day this is also Good Friday so if the weather is nice im expecting a huge turnout for all you kids like me you should have no school that day so you can also go YAY! yes i am going! ADMIN EDIT: REMOVED CALENDAR ENTRY April 15th is NOT the "Opening Day" for the park, that would be Friday April 14th. Please do not make calendar topics unless you have double checked for accurate information. Also, please do not make calendar topics for your personal park meets. If you are interested in creating an official "TPR Meet" please contact Robb or Elissa. Thanks. --Robb
  4. my school should do that at Pki maybe or maybe like Cedar Point that would be soooooooooooooo awsome we also have game works but blghh Ohio is so wierd yup well whoever is going have tons of fun!
  5. thanks for the help ill let you guys know how things go!
  6. Curse you curse you all to HELL! ok im only kidding but i really wish i could go but its not like my parents would let me pop on over to cali for a party with people who they don't even know (also they dont even like this site cause they think it's offensive!) well i think it's f****ing hilarious well keep up the good work guys and have great fun at the party!
  7. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... this is really Hard um Non-Coaster would be Tower of Terror but since i have to choose a coaster it would have to be Shiekra or Medusa Wood: Balder or Colossos's
  8. OMFG i love waterparks My favs are Mountain Creek, Dorneys Waterpark Schlitterbahn and both of Disneys waterparks there is one more but i cant think of it! Hmmm.........
  9. I just moved to Ohio this summer unfortunately ( srry if i spelled that wrong) i was not able to go to any of the "good" amuesment parks around here so can someone suggest the best times to go to... Cedar Point PKI Geauga lake (again srry if i spelled it wrong) or anything else aorund here? Month/Days/ Time of Day Most/Least crowded Months which parks are worth buying a season pass or not. that would be really helpful thankyou!!!!
  10. I say both SFGAdv & SFGA are the same good rides and fairly good coasters IMO, SFMM is overated yes they have some good rides but how many times can u depend on some of the rides being open if its not your homepark (and i just dont say this cause SFGAdv & SFGA were my home parks in the past few years)
  11. Ok what about expedition everest or wait that might not work well um how about the voyage or oh wait i forgot ill be back
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