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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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My money is on a racer. Sounds unlikely, but it appears that way.


B&M make a racer?! I don't think so! Maybe, but I highly, highly doubt we will have two, side-by-side, racing B&M hypers at the park next year. My bets are on a launcher. That, I think would be the most logical thing for this to be, even with B&M as the manufacturerer. Launching it would be the thing this coaster needs to live up to the race theme.

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^ Great rendition as always, John. However, following yesterday's events, I doubt this coaster will be called anything other than... 'Intimidator'.


just b/c it's racing themed does not automatically give it the name "Intimidator". that's just what people are guessing. yes, it may in fact end up being named that but it's not time to close the door on all other possibilities.


and i'm still keeping my money on the B&M Hyper, that is definately not going to be launched

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^ I'm not going to try and be a fanboy and campaign for this to be launched, because in all honesty, I'd rather this be lifted than launched. That's just what I think is going to happen. I have a reason to believe it won't be launched, and I have a reason to believe it will. But lets not compare theming of two different companies. You are trying to say that Cedar Fair is going to theme the same way Europa Park Management did. I'm sure they will have completely different methods of portraying the race theme.


Sorry if this post makes no sense, I'm tired and rambling...

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Keep in mind this is Cedar Fair people. Although a launch would fit the racing theme more we all know they're not going to be that original

xcelerator...top thrill dragster...carowinds 2010...

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I've never had the opportunity to go into Carowinds (I drove by there once on vacation but did not have time to go in) but plan on going there sometime when this new ride opens. The only B&M Hyper I have been on to date is Goliath at SFOG (which is my favorite non-inverting steel coaster), so I'm anxious to see what this one is.


I'm going to venture a guess on this as far as the "History Making/Record Breaking" part:


History making: largest addition to the park in Carowinds' history


Record breaking: I don't think they will attempt for tallest and fastest in the Southeast, since their sister park Kings' Dominion will likely nail that one with their giga coaster, so I will guess longest or some other "est". I don't see this being a launched coaster. Maybe steepest drop.


Looking at construction photos, the layout looks as if it will be some strange hybrid of Behemoth, Diamondback (sans water splash) and Silver Star. From the footers there so far, it seems as if it will go up the lift out of the station, drop and curve and run along the side of the park down to a hammerhead turn at the other entrance gate, do a helix and then return past the picnic areas into a brake run next to the transfer and then do a left hand back into the station.


I do think that "White Lightning" photo was viral marketing at its best. Although many are saying this will be something themed to Dale Earnhardt (The Intimidator) I think the name could still be White Lightning-you never know but there could be some kind of tie in where the park sponsors a Nascar vehicle themed to the new ride.


It will be interesting to see what is revealed on the 26th-from all I have seen and heard, Carowinds is a great park and this will only make it even better. I do feel sorry for Freestyle Music Park as this will give them some serious competition!

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Didn't stock car racing get its start from moonshiners running whiskey during prohibition??? At least that is what Ricky Bobby's daddy said...


Could there be a connection with NASCAR and White Lightning?!?

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