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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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Some interesting spots in the video to me... any others for you?


0:35 a better overhead of the tunnel progress

0:40 seems like only about 9 pcs of track left in the parking area... (lots of supports). hope we get more soon.

0:43 great view of the track twists in the barrel turn

1:05 I'd dare to stand up there! (I'd even do it untethered). The yellow people basket has a full load. Christmas tree is gone.

1:11 cross supports are still there

1:13 time to look down that 320' 81 degree drop!!!

1:21 end

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You know, I have always wondered why. Why are designers staying away from inversions, or even a single inversion, on hyper/giga coasters? Designing a ride 325 feet tall with plenty of inversion sounds like tons of fun (and can be equally safe)!


It's because hyper/giga coasters cost ridiculous amour of money, and when investing that much you want as many as possible to go on the ride. Inversions will always put people of from going on the ride.


I would be honestly curious as to what the results of a survey asking this question would be like... I've always wondered what elements people found most intimidating to the GP...

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^I guess it depends. When I went with some friends to portaventura this year the number of people riding each coaster would decrease as the height of the ride went up. We were 11 and we all went on stampida, 9 rode furius baco, then 7 rode dragon khan and only 5 tried shambhala (even though I told them that those who had already ridden the other two big coasters would have no problem with a hyper like that).

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I never noticed from all the promotional videos that the first turn around was more of a flat turn, unlike Leviathan which is more of an over naked turn.... This thing is really going to be a great ride, one that seems to offer a few variations from Leviathan, making it for a different ride! So excited for July when I get down there to ride it!

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Looking ahead as well, they need to finish the tunnel area before they can place track... Is it possible that they would skip that section and come back to it at the end? I know they said that construction would continue through the course, but this hiccup makes sense in my mind....


I don't see why not. I think it's very possible that they'll even start at the brake run and work backwards allowing more site work to go on around the new entrance/tunnel before laying more track there.

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