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  1. That doesn't sound so bad compared to any other ordinary day in the office.
  2. At this point in time, a re-name certainly couldn't hurt. Don't see much to lose with this strategy, except of course an already BA name.
  3. Exactly. You would think that we would be smarter than that. Even though our intention was to inform others and be critical towards the media, in turn, that intention backfires and turns in the media's favor with more publicity, views, etc. I have a strict "no mention of any Kardashian/Jenner" policy in my household. Even if it's to be critical of them, 5 seconds spent talking about them is 5 seconds too many. The day we stop giving them attention will be the day they all become irrelevant. Even though we all know that will never happen
  4. Random question completely unrelated to Kolmarden or Wildfire, but relevant to the pictures posted on the previous pages. Does everyone wear Asics sneakers in Sweden?
  5. Oh, please. She was one of the founders of Sky News and she's been an anchor for them for nearly 30 years. If you *honestly believe* that she will get fired over an interview with the CEO of an amusement park or an internet petition is going to have any impact then you're dumber than the people who think Smiler is going to be torn down. I mean, the crazy stuff she said during 9/11 was by far way worse than this!
  6. At this point, they might as well let some local, big boobed news anchor do a story on the ride when it opens and have that serve as an official announcement.
  7. Where is the manufacturing plant that these pieces are coming from? Just curious..
  8. This post is useless without pics. Lol, jk.....maybe. Little tough to get pictures when, technically, there's no place to "legally" take them in the off-season from Rt. 60. Who said anything about abiding by the law? I was honestly just kidding anyway, although I am anxious to see updates. I read the sense of humor disclaimer before joining
  9. I don't see why not. I think it's very possible that they'll even start at the brake run and work backwards allowing more site work to go on around the new entrance/tunnel before laying more track there.
  10. This thing puts BGW's mystery attraction's construction speed to shame
  11. 100%, no doubt about it. I'm in Raleigh though, so it's not like there's another choice. That's great! I plan on being there opening weekend. More likely Sunday. My first time at Carowinds and first time experiencing an opening weekend for a theme park. That should be very interesting. LOL. I just hope crowds aren't too crazy. Well they're likely to still be crazy. I'd get there early and hit Fury first and you can likely ride it twice before lines build up too bad. Also Sunday is a much better choice.
  12. 100%, no doubt about it. I'm in Raleigh though, so it's not like there's another choice.
  13. And they're already well into the next climb already, wow!
  14. Have to ask - what subject does he teach? He teaches an elective -Silent Reading- WAIT-- There's an elective called "Silent Reading" these days? LOL, tough job he has.
  15. Anyone else having problems with the stream loading? I can see the still image fine... Regardless, they are moving right along today. Every new coaster construction site needs one of these!
  16. It doesn't look like it's going to be today either. I've been periodically watching the stream and they are currently bolting the final pieces together on the ground now.
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