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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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^^ I have a feeling the fairy may mess with you again after you post three more times.


EDIT: Hey look at that I have a new Donkey Title... or is Elissa and the Title Fairy messing with me too! *gasp*

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Let me take your hand as a gesture for a modest proposal, my precious Title Fairy. I have come here today in search of a custom title, and I have heard of your majestic power, and I must kneel before you and ask if you would let me have one.


Since I'm nothing more than a helper in nature, and I lurk many hours a day in the game section, may I ask for my title to be "RCT/RCT2 hacker" to suffice the old one I currently have?


Many thanks, my precious Title Fairy.

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^^^^Vegan power strikes ILoveRides! The title fairy approves of donkeys, but apparently frowns on eating the flesh, ovum and lactation of anything with a face. You never know what will catch the almighty fairy's fancy.

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