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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Can I get a Star Wars related title please?


EDIT: Not to be too negative, but maybe a title related to my all time favorite non-coaster attraction?


I don't think bitching about the Title Fairy's wonderful creation is going to win you any points with her. You asked for a Star Wars related title. You got a Star Wars related title.


--Robb "Careful what you wish for..." Alvey

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can I have a custom title saying 'going skiing and bound to fall over!'


I can't wait to go back to America after 8 years now! And I've ordered three Orlando Attraction magasines to read on the plane. Londom Heathrow to LA to San Fransisco. Should keep me entertained. It actually came through the pst today!

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Dear Title Fairy,


As a humble poster here on TPR I come in hopes of being bestowed one of your ever enlightening custom tittles. With your never ending knowledge and all seeing eyes I trust you to pick a proper and befitting tittle for me to post and share on TPR with pride. Thank you in advanced for considering my request and I must say I am a huge fan of your work.


Forever grateful,



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Dear wonderful and AMAZING title fairy. I know that I have screwed up in the past, and I know that I'm an idiot, and I embrace every second of it. But, I would greatly appreciate the chance to move on in the title world o great Title Fairy. You may change my title to whatever you wish, but my wish would be to have a title relating to the Texas Giant since it is near and dear to me. And I am very about the revamp of the ride! Thank you very much as I wish lots of Intamin goodness for you!

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Well, hello there Title Fairy!


With my exploits in the Magic Kingdom, I've become hooked on something I watched on a TPR video - saying, "We're in SPAAAAAAACE!" every time I go over the lift of Space Mountain, no matter if I have five buddies in the train with me or a bunch of Spanish tourists.


Would you be so kind as to change my title to something of that nature? I'm sure it will give TPR members a humorous kick whenever they read it.


Thanks so much.

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So the fairy have visited the town of Moss? That town really smells like fart, but its just because of the cellulose factory, which gives the town a odd smell, called the "Moss smell". That's also why the rest of norway stinks, ops


The cellulose factory, which took up 1883 the enterprise, is the source of the special „Moss smell “.

source http://www.worldlingo.com/ma/dewiki/en/Moss

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