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Hi there Friends!!!



This was stop #1 on The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Heart of America Tour!!



Six Flags St. Louis!!!



I hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


Casey checks off Missouri on The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt! I hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike


Thanks to Craig and the whole Knor Family for making this a great day! 22 parks now that we have hung out together in 2008 :)


Thanks to Adam for traveling 3 1/2 hours just to hang out with The Big Mike Road Show 2008! Much appreciated!


Now this is worth the whole trip already!


That's what it is really all about! Family and Friends on The Big Mike Road Show 2008! Always has been, always will be!


River King Mine Train! This is the only picture as we need to make sure Casey is having lots fun too!


I have ridden way to many Batmans.




Batman the Ride!


... drawing massive crowds into the parks when he visits them!


This villian is wanted for....



The lift.






Look at the line for Papa Johns! You don't see the 15 people inside the building either. Craig talked a family into giving me their extra pizza and salad from the family meal that they could not finish, thanks pal!


The only photo of Screaming Eagle as it was time for lunch!


Screaming Eagle!


Gage: "I can't believe Big Mike is going to pass me on my coaster count."



The drop.


The lift.




The Boss!


By this time Casey wanted to ride a ride with Big Mike, so we put Casey right in front of me on the log flume!


Kaitlyn: "Why is my dad morphing into a monster?"


Credit #678 for Big Mike!


Exclusive shot.



The lift.






Tony Hawk's Big Spin!


Marvin the Martian gives a big thumbs up to The Big Mike Road Show 2008!


Then it drops you and you do the whole course again backwards.


Up to the top.


Back around this turn.


Out of the building and over this curve.


Shoots out of here.


Duel loaded.


The track.




Mr. Freeze!


Just in case you are feeling ducky deprived!




The drop.


The lift.


Signs with facts keep you entertained in line.


Exclusive shot!




Casey: "I so could have kicked all these peoples asses in a rope drop race!"


The ride is so close to the enterance that at the rope drop, nobody ran.


New for 2008 - Evel Knievel!!! Credit #677 for Big Mike!


Casey immediately took a liking to Big Mike and gave me a big hug and a kiss :)


Craig (Iggyace) brought his whole family this time! Karen, Gage, Kaitlyn, and Casey!


Friends came out to visit again! Bob (FlyingBob), Deb, and Adam (Spaceace12)! I have now met Bob and Deb in 3 different states!


A view of the park map if you are interested.


Here are your 2008 prices.


Six Flags St. Louis!

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Hello Friends!!!!


As promised, another day, another trip report!


Big Mike's word is gold



The second park I stopped at on my trip was Miner Mike's Adventure Town!


This was a small place with one kid coaster, but was a lot of fun and had a great atmosphere!



One of the main reasons I started this thread as I stated on page #1 other than (meeting great people, self promoting Big Mike to the max, meeting hot babes, jacking up the coaster count, creating a personal vacation photo book, claiming the #1 thread of 2008, and having the chance to show off my snazzy gold shirt) was to help Robb and his TPR website anyway I could!!!


Believe me, you will not find one person who is more dedicated and devoted to helping Robb and making Theme Park Review a huge success than Big Mike!!!!


I am sure if a spot opened up for a public relations job at Theme Park Review, Big Mike would get it!


I am sure that if an agenda came out that was going to bring everyone together as one big happy TPR family, Big Mike would be nominated as Master of Ceremonies!


I am also pretty sure that if they ever decide to bring along an official TPR trip photo trip report updater as the trip is going on, Big Mike and his Friends, Family, and Loved Ones section would be 1st pick!



That said, I looked at my Heart of America Trip and noticed that HALF the stops did not even have ONE trip report done on them in the NEW Theme Park Review Index???


9 of the 18 parks have never been seen by the TPR readers on this website!


I thought, what better way to help Robb out than by making sure I hit all these parks, even if they were closed, just so I can make a difference



OK, thats enough about my strong feelings and dedication to Theme Park Review except to go out and get some TPR shirts and wear them to the parks! Big Mike's head swivels back and forth like a radar looking for TPR shirts on The Big Mike Road Show 2008!!!



Here is Miner Mike's Adventure Town in Osage Beach Missouri everybody!



Peace, Big Mike


I know there are a few people out there thinking Big Mike is sinking pretty low to ride these kid coasters, but just know, I don't sink as low as these guys that are riding the kiddie bumper cars sitting on the top of the seat!!! Hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike


... and you would have to grab it and yank on it! FUN!


The object of the game is the udder would light up...


... Milk Bessie's Udders!!!


Everytime you whacked one, the head would pop up. This game came in 2nd place to....


Introducing Wack-a-doodle-doo! Looks a little like whack a mole, but more regionally appealing.


A cool roller coaster video game where you had to try and stop at the top of the loop. I did not play as I wanted to save my two tokens for some LOCAL type games!


A nicely themed ferris wheel.


Some more attractions.


Credit #679 for Big Mike!


The girl in front of me turned around and reminded me that ALL these pictures are EXCLUSIVES!! True.


EXCLUSIVE "in the tunnel" picture!


No sense coming all this way if I didn't give it a whirl!


This was the best part of the ride as it goes from hypersonic to a dead stop in a fraction of a second! (These last two photos are a dramatization for added effect.)


After a few laps, they crank the speed up to hypersonic!


Here is a picture of the layout, minus the tunnel.


The train comes out of the tunnel and does a few more laps.


The next highlight is this tunnel!


It leaves the station and looks like it is going right through the window, but makes a quick turn just in time!


The train starts here, in the train station.


Sure enough, there was a train on it!


Runaway Mine Train!


The prices! The coaster cost 4 tokens, so I paid $2 and had two tokens left over for games!


Miner Mike's Adventure Town!

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Hey Friends!!!!



Here is a quick update for THIS weekends events and then we will announce ANOTHER stop JUST ADDED on The Big Mike Road Show 2008!



Tomorrow (Friday), The Big Mike Road Show 2008 travels to Maryland for a 12:30pm stop at Baja Amusements!


Following that, there will be stops at Trimpers, and both Jolly Roger's parks later in the afternoon!



Saturday, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 travels back to the great state of New Jersey for a 10:30am visit to Clementon, with the afternoon spent at Moreys Pier!



Come out and join Jason (Printersdevil78) and Big Mike in Maryland!!!




Come out and join Bobbi Jo (bobafett) and Big Mike in New Jersey!!!




Come to both!!!!




Having just finished a huge trip to Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota last week, and going to Maryland and New Jersey this week, you would figure Big Mike would want to stay home and rest, right??




Not on Labor Day Weekend!!! Labor Day Weekend is time to hit up the parks up and near Boston!!! Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire!!! I am calling on Mr. Moose and everyone up that way to be ready to come out and play!!!


The following week, Saturday Sept 6th, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 rolls into South Carolina for a visit to Hard Rock Park! Make your plans now to visit!!


The following week was a scheduled off week finally, but with the season winding down, Big Mike figured he had the whole winter to rest and relax...




The Big Mike Road Show 2008 has heard the demands from his good friends in Michigan and confirmed the dates of Friday and Saturday, Sept 12th and 13th for a Big Mike Road Show 2008 visit!!! Jeepers Southfield, Kokomos, or Michigan Adventure will be possible stops.


The following week, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 plays host to The Coaster Palooza tour as Rick will be welcomed as the first official guest of The Big Mike Hotel!! Friday and Saturday, Sept 19th and 20th with tentative stops at Coney Island and Great Adventure and the Yankees farewell games. If the Yankees games fall through Rick, I am sure we can be found at Coasters After Dark at Great Adventure from 5 - 10pm Friday night Sept 19th!


The following weekend of Sept 26th and 27th is still free at the moment, but there are still a few parks The Big Mike Road Show 2008 has to hit before they close, and this weekend will probably be it!



By now, after all these weeks and months of excitement, Having done the whole East Coast, having done the Heart of America, having done the Southeast, having gone North to Canada, having gone South to Mexico, having crossed the pond to Mainland Europe, this only leaves one spot left to go... CALIFORNIA!!!! Oct 3-12!!!


Traveling into the heart of Theme Park Review Country, I sure hope I can expect a great showing of support when The Big Mike Road Show 2008 travels up and down California!!!!



That is The Big Mike Road Show 2008 remaining schedule for this season!!


Please find the time to come out and say hello



Peace, Big Mike

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Michigan? This is the best news ever!

Just to warn you... they are still working on the Serpent at Kokomo's. I go out of my way EVERY day on my way to work to drive by and check out the progress.

I'll keep an eye out for the Michigan plans set in stone. I'll be pretty pumped if I can make my debut on the Big Mike Road Show! If need be, I'll keep you updated on the Serpent.

I'll have to see if I can get the days off of work. I plan on going to SFGAdv sometime in September too. Hopefully the dates don't coincide.

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If anyone wants to meet Big Mike and I in Wildwood,NJ to hit up Morey's Piers with us, let me know . We should be down there by 3 in the afternoon, maybe even a little earlier, it all depends on how our time is spent in Clementon Park. Hope to see some fellow TPR members out there.--Bobbi Jo

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If you travel through DE on your way to Ocean City, make sure you stop by your bar and check up on the employee's . While there, you also need to check out the Haunted Mansion at Fun land.


Big Mikes Frozen Tundra

1904 Highway One Ste 1

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971



Thanks for the tip Bubba!!



There seem to be a lot of Big Mike places now that I googled it, so I will try to hit a few of them on my various excursions and have a competition!!!



Which Big Mike is Bigger??



Peace, Big Mike


For winning, TPR Big Mike was awarded this Big Mike Cup to place in his trophy case at Big Mike World Headquarters!! TPR Big Mike will defend his title soon! Peace, Big Mike


I asked for Big Mike and he was only there for the 1st two years, then left about 6 years ago. Your Winner, TPR BIG MIKE!!! TPR BIG MIKE is now 1-0!!!


Of course to show good sportsmanship, I would have to eat there too!


The 1st match-up! Send in any more Big Mike's that anyone finds!!

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Very good! LOL


I should have seen that one coming!




Anyway, Route 66 Carousel Park will go up today, ANOTHER park that is not listed here on the park directory that Big Mike went out of his way to get for all the TPR members!



A special THANKS goes out from Big Mike to Jason and Bobbi Jo for showing The Big Mike Road Show 2008 an awesome time this weekend



Peace, Big Mike

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