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I'm glad that I didn't miss out on any photo updates Big Mike cause I didn't have access to a computer while I was on vacation this past week. I leave everything behind when I go away so now I will be playing catch up for the next few days. Going to the beach everyday for the past week and a half has its advantages. I am well rested and tan and ready for the Big Mike Road Show on Saturday August 23 for our tour of New Jersey! I can't wait for that and for your photo update from your visit to the midwest,I hope your trip was fun.

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NJ tour - Yes


Knotts - Yes


Sorry I missed you when I was leaving WOF. I DID have a great time!


I was leaving because Jeffrey, April, and Parker were treating me like a KING with swimming at their place, cooking me my favorite mexican dinner, and letting me sleep over!!!! Love you guys!!


I can't wait to get home and post all these trip reports!!!



Next Big Mike Road Show 2008 visit will be this Friday at the 3 parks in Ocean City Maryland and then Saturday at Clementon and Moreys Pier with Bobbi Jo!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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I forgot to tell you that Parker was talking all about you in Sunday school today at church. He acted like you were a big celebrity that everybody should know!


He cant wait to wear his Prowler shirt to his first week of school!


Thanks for making the day special for Parker, and us to


Now Parker wants to go to St louis next weekend to get more credits!


I took a picture with your camera of April by the pool. You can use it as one of your bikini babes

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Wait, wait, wait... Ocean City is this Friday, not Saturday? I'm off this Friday! Hooray!


Mike, if you can tell me what time you'll be in Ocean City (as long as it's before 2:30 p.m., as I have to leave for a wedding rehearsal at that point), I'll gladly join you!


I haven't been this excited since the last day of the Behemoth/Flyer trip!

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OK Rick!!



I am safely back in The Great State of New Jersey at Big Mike World Headquarters, currently 18 trip reports behind!!! lol



I will bring to the Big Mike Readers a trip report a day until I get all caught up



The duckie contest will be 3 trip reports away as one of the Big Mike Readers who came out to visit at SFSTL was still in the contest and we had to postpone the ducky game.


I have two duckies games already lined up!!!!


Watch for the 1st of 18 straight trip reports tonight!!!


I hope you all don't get overloaded with Big mike Madness!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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If you travel through DE on your way to Ocean City, make sure you stop by your bar and check up on the employee's . While there, you also need to check out the Haunted Mansion at Fun land.


Big Mikes Frozen Tundra

1904 Highway One Ste 1

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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I spent the whole vacation looking for Big Mike photo opportunities!


If it is not that far out of the way, I am there!



A Big Mike Marathon! I am super suprised I did not come up with that myself. Lol.



I am still trying to get to the place that has the food item called The Big Mike!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hi Friends!!!!



The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Heart of America Tour has been completed!



The final stops were in this order:


1. Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri.

2. Miner Mike's Adventure Town in Missouri.

3. Route 66 Carousel Park in Missouri.

4. Celebration City in Missouri.

5. Silver Dollar City in Missouri.

6. Magic Springs and Crystal Falls in Arkansas.

7. Funland Amusement Park in Arkansas.

8. Kiddie Park in Oklahoma.

9. All Star Adventures in Kansas.

10. Zonkers in Kansas.

11. Skate Daze in Nebraska.

12. Fun Plex in Nebraska.

13. Arnolds Park in Iowa.

14. ValleyFair in Minnesota.

15. Nickelodeon Park in Minnesota.

16. Como Park in Minnesota.

17. Adventureland in Iowa.

18. Worlds of Fun in Missouri.



If anyone has some free time and would like to map that out for Big Mike, that would be awesome!



The Find the Ducky games will be held on the trip reports containing Silver Dollar City and Worlds of Fun, so be warned!!!



There will be daily Big Mike updates from here on out until we get caught up, with the exceptions of when Big Mike is back on the road at Ocean City Maryland this Friday and the Southern NJ Tour with Bobbi Jo this Saturday!!!



Just like some of the great rides at amusement parks that you have to sit through a pre show, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Heart of America Tour has a pre show too, and here it is!!!!



I hope you enjoy!!!



Peace, Big Mike


I will conclude this pre show with a present I got on my trip. Jeffrey, April, and Parker displayed the exact "family" atmosphere that Robb and Big Mike try to convey on TPR and The Big Mike Road Show 2008! They took Big Mike in and made him feel welcomed! This is a picture drawn by Parker as a gift for Big Mike. Big Mike and his gold shirt on a roller coaster!! Thanks Parker :) Hope you enjoyed the pre show everybody! SFSTL tomorrow! Peace, Big Mike


This is a test run with no envelope, just a dollar bill with a secret word written on it so I can verify you found it. The envelopes from now on will be taped in place as this one just has a rock on top of it. The envelope can contain $1, $5, $10, $20, or a mystery prize. Go find this one!


Thus, The Mikestery Treasure Hunt is born! Every once in a while, Big Mike will hide a mystery envelope somewhere at an amusement park and it is your job to find it! This prize is hidden on the letter "C" in Mall of America.


Big Mike was a little bored at the Mall of America and thinking to himself that The Big Mike Readers deserved ANOTHER contest along with the Find The Ducky Game!


... Big Mike! Waiting for the modeling jobs to come in now.


I figured the Big Mike Readers would be more interested in the Haunt girls anyway! I was going to ask them to model my new Prowler shirt but then thought of a much better model...


Being the cool and stand up guy that Big Mike is, I could have had the world premiere scoop on the new logo at Worlds of Fun too, but decided to wait and let someone else have the front page spot on TPR and the glory. Thats OK with Big Mike.


Hard to believe, but as soon as I turned around, this sign popped up out of nowhere looking to sell the bridge! I guess a soon to be falling bridge is best to unload ASAP.


I quickly jumped to save the day and hold up the bridge before it fell.


As I was admiring its beauty, I heard some cracking sounds!


Just in case the Big Mike Readers never make it to Arkansas, here is the natural bridge for you to see.


This place was cool because it had all of these totally round rocks laying all over the place.


At least it did not take me through Minnesota again.


Big Mike is not all about coasters, he is a nature lover too.


Just in case you were wondering what kind of Hot Rod I rented for this trip.


I need to find a town named Big Mike.


Every once in a while I would find something amusing like a town named after my good buddy IggyAce.


Thank goodness I had Hot For Big Mike memories to get me through some of these lonesome stretches of highway.


Talking about gas stations, I liked this one. If it was only that easy... oh wait.. Miss XXX! Filler up!


Look at all these gas storage tanks for Conoco/Phillips 66. There were zillions of these at this place.


I know one of you Big Mike Readers have tried a pickle ice sometime during your life.


Right in their front yards too.


Some odd signs too.


More odd things I saw on the highway. I think a slight breeze might knock this over.


The plane winds up landing in the grass right along side the highway.


... if you look very closely to the right of the car ahead of me, there is a plane coming down looking like it is going to land right on the highway in front of me!


This picture was odd because I took it thinking it looked nice, and the very next day...





Here are some pictures in Branson.


Well except for Miss XXX (real name hidden) who has followed The Big Mike Road Show from day #1 and is the only person to use The Big Mike Hotline number. She says if she makes a screen name, it is going to be "Hot For Big Mike". I forgive you for messing up the action bed before I took a picture of it :) Next time lets hit a park together too!


It's a shame no TPR members took me up on the free place to stay like I offered.


A few sinks.


The action bed.


The fridge was filled with lots of beers for any TPR guests.


It was a nice place to stay, just a few stars down from Big Mike's World Headquarters.


and pool?


and hot tub?


Did I mention the coaster view from my parking lot?


Just in case anyone wanted to see where Big Mike stayed.


You just had to make sure you did not drive through the smoke, this isn't Nascar ya know.


Nobody probably saw the signs anyway as you were allowed to drive at 75mph.


... followed 10 seconds later by The Pleasure Zone.


Saw a lot of signs on the road like this Pornography Destroys....


... and Minnesota.


Since both times I went into Nebraska and the signs were both over bridges, I know people want to see Big Mike in the picture too.


... Nebraska ...


... Iowa ...


... Oklahoma ...


... Arkansas ...


... Kansas ...


The Big Mike Road Show followed this path: Missouri...


Home to the Kansas City Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium.


The trip started when The Big Mike Road Show 2008 flew into Kansas City!

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