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hello BIG MIKE, before I signed up on theme park review I spent 3 months reading the roadshow from beginning to end and and I feel like I know you as a person a friend and a fellow coaster enthusiast. good luck in your challenge to ride em all. the BIG MIKE SHOW RULES!.

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Hello Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


Big Mike is back once again to show you another adventure taken on The Big Mike Road Show!


This trip took Big Mike to the state of Mississippi to visit Brookhaven Exchange Club and home to the ONLY roller coaster in the state of Mississippi, the All American Roller Coaster!!!


The Brookhaven Exchange is only open about one week a year during the fair, and this was not even close to the week while Big Mike was visiting!!!


As everyone probably knows by now, Big Mike has this little thing he likes to pull out every once in a while when he really needs it called "The Big Mike Charm"!! Big Mike surely needed it this time, pulled it out, used it, and once again it worked like magic! The guys at Brookhaven Exchange Club loved the idea of The Mighty Big Man coming to ride their coaster, and not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 guys showed up to show Big Mike around


This was a great day in Big Mike Road Show history, and now you can experience it too!


I sure hope you enjoy it!!!!!



Before we get to that, let's give a big hand out to the following fellow TPR members for winning MAGICAL MIKEY T-SHIRTS last year!!!



high roller


The Bebes

coreys junk


Don't forget , these NEW MAGICAL MIKEY T-SHIRTS have special powers, and will NEVER expire, so you can wear it year after year and still claim benefits from it!


Every time someone wins a Magical Mikey T-Shirt, the MAGICAL MIKEY shirt will reward the person a possible 3 times a year:


1. Wear your MAGICAL MIKEY T-shirt to a park one time a year and buy yourself a treat, take a picture of you wearing your shirt and displaying your treat and post it in the thread and Big Mike will refund you $5 for that treat!


2. Wear your MAGICAL MIKEY T-shirt to a TPR Bash Event or on a TPR trip and buy yourself a treat, take a picture of you wearing your shirt and displaying your treat and post it in this thread and Big Mike will refund you $5 for that treat!


3. Wear your MAGICAL MIKEY T-shirt while meeting up with Big Mike at a park during the season and Big Mike will buy you a treat on the spot!



That is 3 chances for a treat a year, year after year, and the ability to wear a very cool BRANDNEW ONE OF A KIND t-shirt!!! (Not the famous gold one)





Also, the next round for the free 2014 season pass or one week condo stay is happening NOW!







Everyone who found a ducky at a park or guessed a Find the Ducky contest correctly has been entered into the Grand Prize Drawing!!!


I took the list straight off page #1 in exact order of the draft picks and there will now be 8 rounds of eliminations until only one person is left and is declared Grand Champion and can collect the Grand Prize of a free 2014 season pass or a one week condo stay!


The rules are very simple, everyone is matched up with an odd number vs. an even number. During the MEGA MILLIONS drawing on FRIDAY JANUARY 17TH, whatever the Mega Ball number is, odd or even (there are 46 mega ball numbers, so it is equal), either all the odds advance or all the evens advance! Example - If the Mega Ball is 19 which is an odd number, everyone with an odd number in front of their name advances (1,3,5,7 etc). Once round #1 is done, everyone who advanced will be re-numbered in exact order and begin round #2. We will go from 144 in round one to 72 in round 2, to 36 in round 3, to 18 in round 4, then we will have a special round where only 2 people get eliminated in round 5 down to 16, then to 8 , then to 4, then to 2, and then we will have our sole survivor and Grand Champion!!!


Easy peasy!!! It is kind of like having to win a coin flip 9 times in a row, but one person will do it!



Good Luck to all!!!




1. amyamy

2. mikeykaise


3. printersdevil78

4. orangecats2


5. coreysjunk

6. coreysjunk


7. coreysjunk

8. coreysjunk


9. coreysjunk

10. coresyjunk


11. coreysjunk

12. The Bebes


13. The Bebes

14. The Bebes


15. picknyourseat

16. orangecats2


17. Jomisaca

18. sre


19. ahecht

20. The Bebes


21. Arosania

22. sspaz1000


23. sspaz1000

24. SuperShawn


25. GriffyTiffy

26. GriffyTiffy


27. Zingoman

28. arosania


29. arosania

30. HighRoller


31. Medusa1861

32. Medusa1861


33. HighRoller

34. sre


35. picknyourseat

36. adamico


37. Her0ofLime

38. RAWKIN_coaster38


39. ahecht

40. Brandy524


41. coreysjunk

42. The Bebes


43. jomisaca

44. RAWKIN_coaster38


45. RAWKIN_coaster38

46. RAWKIN_coaster38


47. Rolercstrluvr

48. Rolercstrluvr


49. Rolercstrluvr

50. Gisco


51. Gisco

52. Gisco


53. The Bebes

54. The Bebes


55. The Bebes

56. The Bebes


57. The Bebes

58. The Bebes


59. The Bebes

60. Milo1188


61. Milo1188

62. adamico2


63. The Bebes

64. simaticable


65. donkeyman18




68. vtafro


69. sre

70. orangecats2


71. nrs2420

72. SuperShawn





Big Mike travels to the state of Mississippi to ride the one and only coaster running in the state!


The park is only open one week a year for a fair, OR, whenever Big Mike is in town!


Ka- Ching!!!!!


The All American Roller Coaster has been conquered by The Mighty Big Man!!!


Thanks to these wonderful guys for all coming out and helping Big Mike on his quest!


They deserve Big Mike Road Show goodie bags for sure!!


The Brookhaven Exchange Club in Mississippi!!!! A long trip for The Big Man, but worth it!


Of course, Big Mike had to get video for The Valuable Big Mike Readers!!


Here is Big Mike on it again! It is worth a few more views!!!


You know this guy is saying "This Big Mike is one total screwball!"


Here is an overview of the coaster and the rest of the rides at Brookhaven Exchange Club! Just remember, the park was not open to the public, so the rides are not ready to go!



As they were giving me a tour of the facility, they said this ride actually was found on a highway and when no one came back to claim it, they were allowed to keep it.



One week a year, these booths are jamming!









The guys of Brookhaven Exchange Club not only let Big Mike in to ride and also gave him a tour, but now a behind the scenes VIP tour as well!


Storage and maintenance warehouse.


Supply shop.


Paint shop! This horse will be ready to go for everyone next time you visit Mississippi!!! Tell them Big Mike said hello :) Take care, hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike

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  • 3 months later...
Man, I really have to make my way up to Knoebels sometime. Now that Flying Turns is finally open I should go next year when I get the chance! Nicole, you want to show me around sometime?

Yes! Knoebels is just nothing short of amazing bring your dog! try all the food! anything knoebels is just a great place full of great history and amazing flat rides coasters everything just great!

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^ Really? Retiring in six years?

Ain't no such animal or reason, Michael!

And I don't think you'll be able to let go of "it" so easily.


Believe me, after 50 years old, you may get "the urge" again, lol.

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  • 11 months later...

If you are traveling to any of these following parks, there are still duckies waiting to be found!








Got a trip coming up in a few weeks to the Dells area and was wondering if these ducks were ever located? I plan on looking anyway. Besides be great to revive this thread!

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One day short of a full year of no posts in this thread! lol


I was one day going to try to go back to the Dells and find my missing duckies too!


As far as I remember, no one found any.


I would be interested in seeing if any are still there.


Let me know please.



Peace, Big Mike

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One day short of a full year of no posts in this thread! lol


I was one day going to try to go back to the Dells and find my missing duckies too!


As far as I remember, no one found any.


I would be interested in seeing if any are still there.


Let me know please.



Peace, Big Mike



Good to hear from you, saw that I was a day short of a full year as well. I shall have the kids hunt them down, I'll get pics and post them, while we are out there if no one sneaks in before me to get them. Hope to see you around again.

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Okay where do i start, I saw this thread for the first time ten days or so ago when someone posted in it. I decided to use down time to read through it for whatever reason and read it like a book. Each chapter something new and exciting with highs and lows. Reading about all of your experiences and travels are awesome and i feel like i still want more. the heartbreak that came from your dads passing (sorry to hear about that i know its 5 years later but still i'm sorry to hear about it it's always tough to lose a loved one) and the Megan issue (what a terrible thing to do) to now you seem to have everything on track with your girlfriend and i saw on Facebook completing 5 goals you had with your mother (which is awesome).


Some major highlights of this whole thread.

The ducky games , man am i sad i missed out on that. I played along even though i was years behind (sucked horribly at it too)

The stop at Kuma's Corner, being a metal head i really hope to make it there some day soon.

You have made me want to save up and go on one of these Scandinavian tours, those places look great.


I've never met you obviously, or even talked to you but your humor and outlook on life as i see through your postings here are that of a great person. One day maybe we will happen to be at the same park and i could share a ride with you on a coaster.


At the end of this thread it almost felt like an incomplete book though and I hope to see you get back into it at some point. I promise if you start doing these again i will be there to be a super valuable big mike road show reader. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors and hope you have a great time along the way. Thank you for the entertainment you brought me in the last ten days and the entertainment you brought others on here for years!

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