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  1. Tomorrow American Dream starts charging for parking, as an employee I will report back about this tomorrow with more details
  2. I understand the disappointment my man, its a good store tho in terms of offerings. American dream is obviously much more focused with their entertainment offerings qt the moment. They have opened several retail/food offerings in the past few days though; Popeyes opens tomorrow supposedly . Don't expect any flagship retail besides Primark in the next months though.. In terms of versatile entertainment I don't think you could find a better spot on our continent than American Dream if you can afford the pricey admission of the individual attractions I don't think you will ever find yourself bored. Bannana Republic here is no flagship but it is nonetheless impressive for a normal Banana Republic store. The observation wheel has made significant progress. I don't think anyone (besides some area members that have a good scope on the construction) could imagine. This wheel will open in a few months if this pace of construction is maintained
  3. I'm still finishing training, yesterday was alot cause they had a loading platform to build but overall I'm glad to be operating lifts and I like the cold, definitely excited to be getting in shape at work and also becoming a better skier in my time off this winter
  4. For food I would recommend the cajun chicken place in the food court or Wendy's in the same area, if anyone has some more general american dream questions just let me know, I work at big snow now and am glad to help anyone
  5. The ticket booths look like a crappy themed motor court out of pigeon forge or something
  6. Does anybody else have a problem with the fact that there are literally no mountains in Louisiana? I know it's small but hasnt disney imagineering also been central to the idea that the little things matter most in many cases. Even if it's an impeccable retheme just the fact if they keep the 'mountain aspect' the ride I will always think of this as I'm a tad 2 ocd haha. I'm just having trouble thinking of anyway they could realistically incorporate a mountain ride into an authentic Louisiana bayou theme
  7. A bit alarming https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/rutherford/business/report-american-dream-developer-misses-payments-on-14b-mortgage-for-mall-of-america/788800/
  8. https://www.nj.com/bergen/2020/03/american-dream-mall-shuts-down-delays-new-openings-amid-coronavirus-spread.html?outputType=amp
  9. Did anyone else on here get to go on Invader zim flip and spin?, it was quite bizzare and the flipping controls did not work well and it would randomly start flipping and spinning repeatedly. When I was there a mom was quite upset at guest services because her young daughter has banged her head on the back of the seat when the uncontrollable flipping occured
  10. Hopefully ur going during the week and u should take a bus between 10 30 am and 1 PM or so I see your going later actually now, just avoid NYC rush hour hrs, its pretty straight forward to buy your ticket from the machine at the Port Authority and there should be a NJ transit employee stationed at the gate for the express bus, it's great there are no stops but you will need to walk through the parking lot a bit once u get there, when I went the bus dropped me off by the IZOD center Any of the 4 or so 99 cent pizza places a block from the Port Authority will suffice for a meal less than 5 dollars
  11. One thing to note though they were using S&S Sansei dummies on halfpipe when it was testing, dont know much about this, does intamin not make their own dummies or something?
  12. Lol someone just told me on youtube that it's taking so long bc they only have one set of testing dummies and that's why blasting bronco only started testing after the halfpipe was open, if that's true that's just unbelievable lmao
  13. Awesome pic Chuck, really wish I got to see the pre Cedar Fair Knotts
  14. Not to mention that people will go 10 hours round trip on ski day trips, Yes we have much to do in New York Metropolitan area, but we literally have nothing even close to this, we barely even have FEC's around here I think there may be like 2 in my county of 1 million people.
  15. I'm actually curious about where you think is a better 'logistical' location, with no traffic it takes 10 minutes to get there from midtown, this is closer to the city than either MOA or WEM
  16. Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Conneticut New York New Jersey Delaware Maryland Virginia North Caroline South Carolina Georgia Florida Pennsylvania Ohio Illinois Wisconsin Nevada California (Puerto Rico, Washington D.C.)
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