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Hey John!


Remember when you asked me this before, I count mountain and powered coasters and you don't.


* I just double checked and you are quite a distance behind according to the coasters I count, which are all of them. Actually you are not even in 2nd as Mikey has passed you.


If it makes you feel better, send me your list.



Peace, Big Mike

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Talking Smack... you are so full of it.

First there is only one alpine coaster in this country I haven't ridden, there are at least 4 that you haven't.

And actually 'Mikey' is passing you up for the most part.

And I will post the list in a short time, but you will have to develop a taste for crow!

Last but not least your last credit in Corona park is a relocate from Jeepers in Southfield.

You need to do your homework or are Relocates valid as New Coasters.



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John, who are you talking to??


I am not talking smack whatsoever if you mean me.


1st, I love Mikey and talk to him on a constant basis and I am sure he will pass me, but that's ok, if anyone does, he would be the best choice. Mikey even wrote me two days ago wondering if we could both manage to ride our last USA coaster together.


That's cool, I wish you would act the same way too??? You take this stuff wayyyyyy too personal lol.


Of course I know Corona is a relocation, I know everything about every USA coaster. I went there today because it is a "park" I have not been to and declared that on the post you obviously are stalking. I did not lower my coasters needed in the USA.


I will see you next week and maybe we can chat about your worries.



Peace, Big Mike

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This thread is not getting the Big Mike love that it used too!


You got that right Bob!!!


It takes a few hours to actually do an update and when only 200 people see it, I can't justify spending that much time on it anymore sadly!

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Just so you know Big Mike, I appreciate the updates on FB and here on TPR. FB let's me see where you are at in the moment, and TPR lets me see the big picture. Cause I know I always miss some FB posts.


Keep up the good work in both places

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Big Mike is testing this new app for Theme Park Review that Robb sent an email about!


This would work great for Big Mike since he takes most pictures from his IPhone nowadays and would make it much easier to update this thread on the go with up to the minute updates!


This was yesterday at Phoenix Phall Phunfest at Knoebels, where I finally got to ride Flying Turns!!!!!


Flying Turns was fun and Big Mike's advice is to do some homework early and set up your seat partners beforehand!!!!!


Each car can hold up to 400 pounds and they actually have a scale you have to stand on and get weighed!


The more the train weighs, the faster and higher up the wall the cars go!!!


Have each car maxed out as close to 400 pounds for a total of 1,200!!!!!!!


I had a kid behind me and a skinny dad and his little girl in front of me. We gave away about 700 pounds and the ride was limited.


Also, Big Mike brought Mom as well as Lucky Dog with him for their first Knoebels experience!!


Lucky Dog chickened out of riding the 4 rides he was allowed to, but it was still nice to have him there!!!


Hope this update works and hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike






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