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Kennywood (KW) Discussion Thread

P. 157: Kangaroo returning for the 2022 season!

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How busy do Phantom Fright Nights tend to get on Saturdays? What sort of wait times do they see for the mazes and major coasters? I'm thinking about visiting the park next Saturday, but want to make sure that only 6 hours in the park is worth my drive. Thanks.

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So I haven't seen any TRs for Phantom Fright Nights yet this year. How does this year stack up to the last couple of years haunt wise? The last time I went they were about on par with the mid level houses from, let's say CP or Kings Island.


Also - are there any rides they haven't been running due to low staffing, etc.?

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I went to 4 cedar fair haunts, and some Florida haunts and Phantom fright nights I felt was the worst of all the parks I went to this year, unfortunately. Can't compare it to years past but it seemed very low budget and without many scares, and nothing really unique except for one planted character in the group which was kind of funny. Just my quick opinion. I did enjoy some of the decorations around the park that they transformed.


**edit: except ARK IN THE DARK was pretty crazy and well with it. And let me tell you we saw no lights on any of the staircases, lol

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Do a search on YouTube, I just saw a video trip report on this year's event. It looked pretty weird to me, nothing as expensive or intense of a production than other parks. I've never been to KW for PFN, but I'm not into the "scares", so I probably just go for the odd atmosphere it seems to have.


If anything, for me, it would be a great photo-op night.

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"Something exciting is dropping soon"


Sounds like a drop tower to me. The ones from ARM are really efficient and fun from what I hear. People still miss Pitfall even though Black Widow is an amazing ride.

ARM towers are amazing. I went on the one at Beech Bend, and it didn't pause at the top, which was just freaky. I never really knew when we had reached the top, and it came down so fast I was out of my seat basically freefalling. I've been on Superman: Tower of Power and Giant Drop, and while both are much bigger, they don't have anything on Zero-G at Beech Bend. If Kennywood does get an ARM tower, you guys should be ecstatic.

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^ And they wouldn't have to make it a really tall one either. Like the one at Waldameer, this one would seem much taller given the fact that you are up on a big hill overlooking the Monongahela River (versus Lake Erie).


While I thought Pitfall was one of the best drop towers due to it's awesome location, an ARM tower would be just as incredible, if not better.


I'm hoping that's what it is!

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Kennywood just posted this on their Facebook page. Seems like it's hinting at an upcoming announcement.


They are sort of returning Noahs Ark back to its former glory........Blue Whale and all............




Starting in the 2016 season, longtime Kennywood Park visitors can enjoy a Noah's Ark attraction more like the funhouse-flavored one they cherished during their younger years.


The West Mifflin park is renovating the classic walk-through ride, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2016. Since the ark opened in 1936, it has undergone two other renovations: one in the late 1960s and one in 1996. The most popular version of Noah's Ark seems to be the one between the '60s and '90s renovation, when it had more of a funhouse-feel-sans-clowns and less of the higher-tech stuff like the elevator and mist-spraying Bathy Sphere, which are being removed, says park spokesman Nick Paradise.


Though details are scarce now, the additions to Noah's Ark will include the return of the beloved giant whale's mouth, which guests walked through atop a springy, squishy tongue structure. And favorite features, like vibrating floors and the animal theme, are remaining on the ark, he says.


Kennywood workers have started dismantling parts of Noah's Ark's interior and clearing out space. They plan to complete the renovation before the park's spring opening, Paradise says.


“We're looking at doing a pretty extensive renovation to the attraction, to kind of take it back to the classic funhouse style — a little bit of what had been taken away in the renovation in 1996,” he says. “We are trying to get it back to what a lot of people remember from their childhood.”


The most recent version of Noah's Ark seemed to disappoint people because it wasn't as playful, Paradise says.


“I think the public reaction and sentiment ... was that it wasn't what people wanted from the attraction,” he says. “They wanted a very classic feel ... the classic, almost-hokey stunts ... that the ride pulled.”


But, despite customer disappointment, in 2015, for the sixth consecutive year, Noah's Ark was named the Best Funhouse/Walk-Through Attraction at the Golden Ticket Awards Ceremonies, run by the industry publication Amusement Today.


Kennywood currently is offering its Holiday Lights event on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in December, except for Christmas Day. The park then closes for the winter, and re-opens for the season May 7.

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Call me cynical, but I'm kinda reading this as "crap, we STILL haven't been able to get the bathysphere working again...guess it's time to give up." I've heard tons of comments about wanting it fixed, never any about going back to the old version of the attraction.


Still, better to have it all working.

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