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What does your house look like for Halloween?


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What does your house look like for Halloween? Does anyone go all out and crazy on decorations? Or, are you just a party pooper and stick one sticker to your window?


Well my family goes pretty all out and I will post pictures sometime after Halloween. What we do is a small walk through going through the yard and up to the porch. It take usually 2-3 full days for me to set up completely but in my opinion its totally worth it! So what about you?

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I didn't get any pictures, but we had 3 pupkins, each with a fairly freaky face, with a hole in the back of one to allow a pole in. This pole allows smoke to travel down and out of the pumpkin.


We also got some extremely haunting music to add to the atmosphere.


We had 5 inscence sticks burning, creating a musty smell, a rather crappy looking ghost with 2 red LED lights hanging from a window. In the dark its actually quite scary. We also had a blue flashing light (NOT a strobe) with a blue filter over to create a 'portal' in a bush.


And the masterpiece? Me . I sat outside for about 2 hours waiting for people to come (we get on average about 15 people each year). I sat there until they got really close (we completely over-do the whole festival) and the either mose, yell or do a really high pitched scream. Everybody (even the adults accompanying the little ones) jumped!


We get congratulations and sometimes rewards (more sweets for my brother and sister) from the parents that enjoyed it.


It was quite fun. I wish we could either get more people to come or do it more often, or, even better, move to America! (You over-do it so much! I wanna join in!)

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We set up our house pretty good for Halloween. We have two jackolanterns, two tombstones, a sign that has a ghost on it hanging onto a lamp post that says BOO Blvd, and the piece de resistance, a fog machine. I have fun with the fog machine, I scared some poor little kid in a superman costume with it last year. I'll try to get some pictures later.

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Here's some pictures from Sundays setup...


More to come after Halloween.


One last photo.


This is actually just a carved wooden bear with a scream mask on it, haha.


He had some really really bad hair when we took him out of the box.


One of my first ghouls I ever bought.


My favorite.


The "gory" scene


A new idea I had this year (it works really well in the dark)



Overview of the path

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^^ The dog crate with the eyes is a good idea! I have both of those, so I can duplicate the idea!


We don't put up any outside decorations for fear of vandalism. We live on a decent street, but some of the side streets have some undesirables. However, we have the entire inside of our house decorated. We even put up a Halloween tree, which is really fun!


We were going to post a bunch of pictures, but our schedules have been really hectic and we've haven't even taken pictures, let alone post them. Next year we're planning on inviting some students over for hot dogs, and then taking them on a "tour" of the house. Rich even has a storyline planned to make it more creepy!

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I laid back a lot this year since it was a Wed. night. Next year is Friday so I will really have fun. (I did have many run aways this year, quick walk pasts, and crying kids)


I always build my setups for psychological rather then just visual. 15 extension cords, 3 dmx controllable fog, and 3 dmx controllable strobes, audio & lighting controllers, 200' speaker wire, 2 animated life size custom props with x10 motion sensors, 1 custom made and mixed audio sound track, chillers, and secrets.


As for fear of vandalism, I do the wiring layout weekend before, final build day of, and take down that night. grrrr.


It was hard getting photos because of all the changes in atmosphere and lighting but enjoy.


Hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween.








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We don't put up any outside decorations for fear of vandalism. We live on a decent street, but some of the side streets have some undesirables. However, we have the entire inside of our house decorated.


Same story different city for us. But since we live on a nice street we get slammed with kids... well over a hundred. We did decorate the porch at around 5 and took it all down at 8:30. We had a few ghost a huge motion activated spider and pumpkinds galore on the outside. Inside the door we had a fog machine and a few strobe lights and a decrepid curtain thing. Matt was in full zombie makeup and sort of just apeared from the curtain. A few ids ran off the porch.


Oh and i did an 8ft tall cut out of the headless horseman and his horse.


No pictures,




yet... muhahaha.

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Here are the last of the photos taken on Halloween night,


I think this idea turned out really nice. (No flash)


A cool picture of a "flaming" skull thing. (No flash)


I overdid the blood a little bit on this one haha.



A night overview (There is more lighting then this but most of it is strobe so my camera will not catch it.)

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I put up a fogger, a strobe light, and scary music. We put the fogger clicker thingy inside so then when people came to the door, we would step on it, turn the lights on, and then I'd walk out and act all scary and weird. It's really fun if you can keep a stern face despite stupid kids. It's quite fun.

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  • 5 years later...

Decided to BUMP this, since I myself have actually started to try and put

something together around our front door.


And it's still a "work in progress", so be kind.


And is anybody out there wanting to show and tell what they have cooked

up for their outdoor Halloween display, etc?


This is our front porch, as it is.


Now turned the porch light off, and switched on a black light I put up.


Black light stuff all around the door. Not great, but I am learning.

And have to contend with a street light directly across from.... grrr.


So this is it....for now. I have other older stuff to possibly bring out.

And orange lights, too! Hmmm....

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I decorated my Big Red inflatable last year for Halloween, not sure what I'm gonna do with him this year but I'll come up with something if I have time, Big Red loves Halloween so I can't let him down......




Also, trick-or-treaters in mt hood need to be aware of Hitchhiking ghosts! (this is from a few years ago also, but I still like it)


Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts

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I put up simple decorations, our main deal is pumpkins. Every year 12 or more pumpkins, I usually use those patterns but I always make up some on my own or just get an idea from something around. The past few years my mom has carved half of them, though, this year, due to illness, I don't think she will be able to do much, so it will be up to me.


Here's some examples, using the multi uploader:



I thought this wouldn't take that long, 4 hours later...



Why not?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wanted to try using just a black light above the front porch,

but the street light across from us wasn't going to let it get

much dark, to make the glow in the dark stuff, really "glow".


So, I went back to using our trusty orange lights sets, in addition

to the glow stuff. Didn't turn out too bad, but I still would have

enjoyed it all being black light, instead.




From the sidewalk.


Another sidewalk shot.


I liked this angular shot, with a bit of dark sky behind the house.


On the porch itself - looking one way...


And the other way, towards the front door. Happy Halloween Everybody!

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  • 4 years later...

What a difference five years makes! (since I last posted here, see above)


Our rhododendrons were totally blocking the view of the front porch, so there was really no sense in

hanging lights and stuff from there. You can barely make out the regular lights string that is there, year round.


So I concentrated on the area you can still see. Around the front door.


p.s. The pumpkin has not been carved yet, so I'll post a night shot with it lit up, next week.



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Got the pumpkin done, lit and out on the front porch.


We're now in the midst of candy-giving, for another couple of hours.






Should've added smoke. Maybe next year....... (o;

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^ We learned our candy lesson 3 years ago when we ended up running out of candy, and having to make a quick run to buy more Halloween night.


We now buy roughly 400 pounds of candy every year for Halloween, and we usually only end up with a small bowl left over... The left overs give my partner snacks on for a month or two and then it's gone!

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I basically live in a retirement complex (it's not actually one, but I don't think there's a single tenant who isn't at least half my age), there were no kids around. The only Halloween decoration I had was a light up corgi dressed as a bumblebee. Yes that exists.

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  • 11 months later...

Anybody done up their house for The Season? Just curious.

We just have our usual lights up on the porch. And a pumpkin, of course.


And, as reminded from last year, we have 250+ pieces of candy to hand out.

And not run out of. We hope.


To be eventually carved up.

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