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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Meet the Robinsons 6/10


The visual are very colorful and very good in quality but its weak in storyline. The story is too complicated and simple at the same time. The jokes aren't funny, only one or two that can be considered as an OK joke.

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I still need to see 300 and Grindhouse.


I'm going to beg for money this week for 300, I can wait on Grindhouse, but 300 will be leaving soon.



Oh and I saw this the other day:


The Departed: 10/10


I understand why Marty got the Oscars now, that movie was probably his second best, even probably tied with the best, Goodfellas

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^^ I wish I could go and see that movie! I'm a huge Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan, but it's R, so thy parents won't let me see it.

Amazing Grace 8/10

For those who don't know what this movie is about, I'll put it in a quick sentence. William Willberforce was the first person to suggest the removal of slavery in England, and he succeeded, abolishing slavery from the UK. It was a well made movie, but wasn't the greatest film ever made. But, if you're looking for a little inspiration, this movie will defenitly help.


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Ok, the last movie I saw at the movies was Mr Bean's Holiday and I really enjoyed it. Not the absolutely best movie you'll see in your life but it had an old-fashioned, charming feel. Also, it only had a bit of rehashed/revamped material & was way way better than the first movie. Special mention must go to the begging, busking & filming scenes but there were quite a few highlights really. Rowan Atkinson took the character out well and that's coming from a long-time fan (ever since 12 years ago when my school teacher would put a Mr Bean tape on pretty much every day after lunch! )


Seeing a movie tomorrow, might even catch a second. 'Meet the Robinsons' looks like great fun and my friend said she enjoyed it.


The Lakehouse :: 5/10

I didn't understand it that well, and it was sorta cheesy.

I thought it was a great movie for Keanu. Kinda advances him beyond the 'Whoa' of the Matrix movies. That said, I'm a time travel nut so any movie about the subject I'm going to probably enjoy.


Talk about "best and worst"


Saw "300" a few weeks ago... amazing movie.

Saw "Premonition" a couple of weeks ago... I wish I could get that 2 hours of my life back.

I'm going to wait and see '300' in a few days with friends but it looks really good. Love ancient history stuff. Premonition not good hey? To me it looks like an interesting kind of plot so I'll still check it out and judge for myself.
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So i went into this movie expecting a pretty average PG-13 thriller/horror/movie thing.


Either way, the first part was pleasant, nothing exciting, nor could it have been if they wanted to...


The second half was great, though! I came away really suprised. Its definately worth seeing.



heheh, my friend next to me was in the feetle position covering his ears and cursing me for making go see that movie... That basically made it that much better.

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Recently viewed:


Blades of Glory - Some good jokes, with a nice pacing and length for the type of movie. Nothing too special, but definitely enjoyable. 7.5/10


Grindhouse - Movie of the year, for sure... Hilarious, fun, intense, and just plain crazy... Planet Terror was the better of the two movies, but both are good. The fake movie trailers make it even better! 10/10


300 - Finally saw it today... Pretty overrated if you ask me, but still pretty good. Nice action, but some parts seemed a little slow or unnecessary. 8/10

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It had James Spader in it, who I am a big fan of, and was Maggie Gyllenhall's first movie. I didn't like it. It was just too weird. I don't like movies like this that try so hard to be weird and unique that they just end up being a waste of time. Running With Scisors is another example of that. Any "weird" film with Johnny Depp involved is fine with me though!

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