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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女, Toki wo Kakeru Shōjo), also known as TokiKake


This movie is quality. I've been looking for it for a while and some guy finally subbed it earlier this month. It downloaded pretty fast to. There was alot of buzz about the film online too. I could have watched it earlier this week but I wanted to watch it on tv and with my friends. It took me 2 days to finally convert it to a reasonable and recognizable format for DVD. It's worth it. I already wanna watch it again on a larger screen.


The doesn't take one side. It's eye candy, the animation is great, very original story, and great voice actors. This is one of the few works of arts that compels me to purchase the DVD. Just see it. Even if you say you hate anime you'll probably like it. Non of my friends are avid anime enthusiasts but they loved it. Also not all anime is like Dragonball Z and Pokemon. It's a pretty funny movie and a cool story. Just don't spoil it by reading what happens or looking at screenshots.


Here's the trailer.


And the torrent.


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Georgia Rule-I had mixed feelings about it. Parts of it were decent, but other parts made me want to find the nearest balcony and jump off of it. The plot was, or at least tried to be, deeper than what you would think. Overall, it was okay. Felicity Huffman did a great job, though.

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28 Weeks Later - 9/10


Easily the best horror of the year and ALMOST as good as 28 Days Later.



Hot Fuzz - 7/10


Quite long with its 40 minute close but still funny and as good as Shaun of the Dead.


High Tension - 10/10


Odd ending but the unrated version of this movie with Subtitles is crazy. The gore is non stop. Alexandra Aja is going to be one to watch out for after the success of the remake Hills Have Eyes.

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Shrek 3 9/10

This is IMO, the best Shrek out of the series. Good classic laughs with some good "values". I think Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy did great jobs as always. Justin Timberlake...I couldn't even tell it was him for the enterity of the movie, he did an excellent job. Overall, it was a great movie.


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My boyfriends Friend Worked on shrek the 3rd. we got to see all the miniture sets they he makes before the computer artist creat those images.


Dang the last movie i saw was Fractuer.... Ryan Gosling was hot in that movie. It was a good movie, made you think!!!! I need to get to the movies more!

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End


I went to the midnight screening of Pirates 3 last night, and it was awesome. It was a little bit long but I loved every minute of it. I don't want to give anything away, but it's a little bit darker than the first 2 movies. But even with the change in tone it is still a really fun ride.



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really fun ride.9/10


Good to see someone else who considers seeing a Pirates movie as being worthy of a credit


Hey, here we only have a Looney Tunes River Ride... you have to get your Pirates count up however you can.


I almost saw 28 WEEKS LATER today but ended up just coming home. It would be really good if people posted more opinions. Will probably end up seeing it one way or another anyway though.

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Shrek 3




It's very funny yes, I must say. But their jokes aren't the same anymore like the first 2 movies. They were much funnier (extremely). The story is also lacks of memorable moments like the Shrek and Shrek 2. And the idea of getting the princesses gone medieval, well... is a bit weird. But very funny though.

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I thought it was interesting. It was basically a psychological study of schizophrenia. 99% of the movie is filmed inside one room and there is no music except for three seconds of guitar and the song in the end credits. The last half of it is overwhelmingly weird, and much more in-depth that one would expect going into it.

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^I've actually heard great things about "Bug"... not for the faint of heart I've been told though!


Anyways, I just finished watching "28 Weeks Later" and absolutely loved it. It was like "Children of Men" for the horror genre. Excellent film. Anyone seen it yet?

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