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I loved it. It was far superior to The Good Shepard, in my opinion. This film is based on a true story about an agent convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union. For some reason, I have not heard of any marketing about this film and its popularity level is low because of that.

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^Can't agree with you. I really don't understand how a movie is good that the only point of it is a sled


It's not about the sled it is what the sled represents and the people trying to figure out why he said Rosebud as his final words. Rosebud represented his lost innocence and his unhappiness with his life and how it turned out seeing as it was his sled as a child and the last thing he had before being taken away.


Just out of curiosity have you seen the movie PirateTinkerbell?


Thanks for spoiling the whole film!

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^Hmm--saying that Citizen Kane is just about a sled is like saying Casablanca is about a bunch of letters or Moby-Dick is about a fish.


Or like saying Black Snake Moan (which I just saw today) is just about a black man who chains a white woman to a radiator. It's actually about redemption and the healing power of the Blues, and much better than its lurid advertising campaign might have you believe.

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Breaking and Entering-I thought it was decent. Although, I am still trying to fathom why Jude Law randomly cheated on his wife in the film.


Garden State-It was very good. I loved the plot, the acting was really good, and it was just overall a great film.


Marie Antionette-I had mixed feelings about this one. It offered a nice look into the way the French royal family lived back then. Most actors in the film did a great job too. However, the ending seemed too abrupt to me, and it didn't cover the end of her life. While I don't know too much about Marie Antionette from a historic standpoint, I do know she was beheaded at some point, and the ending of the film didn't even begin to elaborate on when the end of her life came, or what happened directly after the film left off. A brief history lesson through text on the screen would have been nice. It was overall very good though.

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Flyboys-6/10, decent only because i love planes, flying and the dogfights n such But i felt it could've been so much better, something was just "off" and wtf is up with all the German planes being red??


Taxi Driver-8/10, pretty crazy, looked kind of bad up-converted on my new HDTV but still a good flick


Day of the Dead-5/10, kind of stupid, but still some decent zombie action, nothing compared to Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead


Donnie Darko-9/10, Awesome trip, kind of open to interpretation so i loved it

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He? You mean that Justine Timberlake is a man? I always thought it was just a very ugly woman with no boobs!


Firmin - It's a Belgian comedy about a former boxer called Firmin Crets. Thirty years ago he was a great boxer, but after he lost the fight for the Belgian championship, he never fought in competition again. Now, thirty years later, a young moroccan guy askes him to train him and help him become the new Belgian champion.


The main caracter (Firmin) is played by one of the most popular Belgian comedians, Chris Van Den Durpel, who is known in the US as the magician from the Hummer V3 commercials and his rival is played by Jan Decleir, best known from the movie Daens.

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Music & Lyrics



The song they wrote together was charming, beautiful and... I don't know what. The song should be nominated for Oscar next year. It was very VERY good!!


Also the movie was hilarious and sad at the same time. Don't think this as another romantic comedy like the others. This one is different.

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I caught Zodiac--pretty good. The Zodiac killer was terroizing norther California back when I was in third grade, and I thought they captured the time period quite well. Two things that rather amused me:


1. A brief, blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to my hometown of Patterson, Calif. (you can see it at the top of a news clipping in one scene).


2. A commercial for a jewelry shop playing on a car radio early in the film. That damn jingle was burned on to my brain pan when I was a kid, and I found myself singing along with it.


Gensler Lee Diamonds, Gensler Lee Diamonds

The place to buy diamonds when you're really smart!

Gensler Lee Diamonds, the st-o-o-o-o-re

With a heart!

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Wild Hogs was pretty funny but I dont think the humor was in the same league as Norbit. Norbit is really amazing and probably the best comedy I have seen in a while with the exceptions of Borat and Accepted


The 300 is frickin like the best movie ever. It is a total guy movie though. There is a lot of reallly hot nudity as well as extremely gory violence which was awesome.If you are into something extremely gory and viokent with some sex the 300 is awesome


If anyone is planning to see dead silence give it a review. I am a major saw fan and cant wait even though dead silence is still gory this one actuaully looks scary



Also when i saw the 300 with my friends family we saw the like before

movie previews and the trailer for the Aquateens movie that is coming out was funny. This looks like a total Rob movie because there was a flaming chicken in the trailer


the aquateens rock


aqua teens

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Flags of our Fathers- 9/10, Clint Eastwood is masterful once again. Taught me that men don't fight for their country, they fight for each other . Also i wasn't surprised to see how the US Government likes to crap on its veterans, something it has been doing very well for decades. God Bless America.
Could this be the best movie ever? You decide. (Trailer 3 is golden.)



Maybe, if it wasn't for the fact that the Simpsons have sucked for the past 6+ years.


The simpsons is probably the best animated show in history and is probably going to be one of the most remembered shows of all time when it goes off the air.



Also it is probably one of if not the most succesful anuimated show of all time.{The only reason i say this is that southpark still has at least a few more seasons but i think that simpsons will cancel after the movie but hopefull i am wrong about it being canceled}

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I think it's fitting that my first NC-17 movie was This Film is not Yet Rated, and what's better is that my parents kept it for me to watch. The film is half guerilla documentary and half examination of the history and practices of the MPAA. For those who don't know, the MPAA is the movie rating system used in the United States; G means General Audiences: All ages admitted, PG is for Parental Guidance Suggested: Some material may not be suitable for children, PG-13 is Parents Strongly Cautioned: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13, R stands for Restricted: Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian, and finally NC-17 (formerly X): Absolutely no one 17 and under admitted.


In the movie business, the NC-17 is box office suicide. The vast majority of theatres and rental stores do not carry any films with the NC-17 rating. This has caused countless producers and directors to sacrifice their art to please the shadowy rating gods, who always work anonymously. One such example is the posthumously cut version of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. In a beautifully shot, yet rather exceptionally explicit orgy scene, silhouetted figures were digitally placed to cover any content deemed inappropriate.


The guerilla half of the film shows the director and a mother-daughter team of private investigators on a mission to expose the suits and raters behind the system, and the director submitting this film to said system for direct debate. We watch them scrounging through garbage and going on hot pursuit armed to the teeth with binoculars and hidden cameras.


Overall, This Film is not Yet Rated is a fascinating and enjoyable documentary fit for the whole family! I highly recommend it.



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