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  1. For a chick flick, I thought this was actually a good movie. Definitely a great movie to watch with a significant other.
  2. My wife and I will be hitting KD this Saturday... got an all day babysitter so we can go and enjoy ourselves! Can't WAIT!!! Weather forecast isn't looking so good right now... Upper 50's with a 50% chance of rain Does anyone know what rides they shut down during rain? I haven't been there during rain in a very long time.
  3. Yeah, whatever happened to the I-73 they've been talking about for years? How long's that gonna take anyway? All that red tape really slows stuff down...
  4. Please don't even joke about that. I'm going to have nightmares now. hehehe Sanjaya's comin to GETCHA MUWHAHAHAHAHA!
  5. I agree, they really need to get the traffic situation figured out fast before they have a bigger problem on their hands... either way, people are going to show up in droves when it opens, but if they want people to keep coming back, they need to figure it out, quickly. I know I can't wait to head down there once it opens! Sounds like it is gonna be a great park to visit!
  6. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for Gamecube (Experiencing it on my Wii, working on Chapter 3 right now) Love it! Can't wait till I'm done so I can run out and grab Super Paper Mario
  7. Because he's there week after week just reinforces the reason why I don't watch anymore... it's not a singing competition anymore, it's now become a popularity contest.
  8. I'll be getting it as soon as I complete Paper Mario 2. I'm just now getting into the Paper Mario world with this GameCube classic, and it's awesome. Now I'm trying to hurry up & finish Paper Mario 2 so I can start playing Super Paper Mario. Can't wait!!!
  9. Talk about "best and worst" Saw "300" a few weeks ago... amazing movie. Saw "Premonition" a couple of weeks ago... I wish I could get that 2 hours of my life back.
  10. Well the votes show that the majority would like a Simpsons park, but most of the posts agree that a section of an existing park would work better than an entire park. I agree, I think a section of Universal would be cool. Or even better, maybe a brand new Fox park would work. They could do everything from the Simpsons, to Star Wars, etc. Virtual American Idol anyone?
  11. Go Niners is right! Good to see a fellow fan here on these boards!
  12. It's definitely running right now, or at least it was on opening day. I would like to see it go, and put nothing in it's place. That whole area of the Grove seems a little crowded anyway... if they would take it out, it would seem a little nicer over there. There's already four other coasters touching that small area anyway, so taking XLC out won't hurt at all. My 2 cents worth
  13. Nice trip report and pictures. Maybe Anaconda line was longer than Volcano because it was closed the first half of the day, and once they opened it up everyone made a mad dash for it. That's my theory and I'm stickin to it
  14. I also remember riding this attraction when it first opened in '91, back when I was in the sixth grade... I've always been a HUGE BTTF fan, love all the movies. I don't remember it being so jerky or causing me any pain... of course, back then, it had just opened so it was new, and I was also a kid, so that might have something to do with it, also. I will miss not being able to ride it again.
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