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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Yeah, that's right... I'm the dork that went to go see "Date Movie" on an actual date. It was "meh." A few (very few) parts, like 2, were pop squirting out of your nose hilarious but the rest of the parts that were supposed to be funny were just kinda like "Wow, that was completely unnecessary..."



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I actually saw Eight Below last night. I was not sure if I would like it or not, but it was actually very good. The plot wasn't nearly as predictable as I thought it would be (except for the ending of course) and another plus for it, was that the theater was devoid of loud children, which is what I always fear when I see a Disney movie.


Also, I watched Grind last night. I have seen it before, but I still love this movie. I like Adam Brody, most of the music is good, and other than that it is just a good movie.

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I finally saw Brokeback Mountain the other night and I honestly don't see what all the hype is about. The two main characters weren't emotionally engaging for me. I thought the women were FAR more intriguing, yet we barely get any screen time with them. I found the movie's pace to be very inconsistent, moving at a slower-than-slow pace at times and suddenly jumping through 5 years within a few seconds. And I could BARELY understand Heath Legger (Legher?) with his slurred "rugged" western accent. Not the worst movie I've ever seen but definitely NOT the greatest thing everyone is making it out to be. 5.5/10.

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I saw The Ring 2 a couple of days ago. The first one didn't scare me and neither did this one, but at least the first one was good. I predicted most of the second one. The beggining for the second was much much better that the beggining for the first. 5/5


I was watch Good Night and Good Luck like 5 minutes ago and i'm still listening to it. It's kind of boring IMO. Good movie, but boring.

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V For Vendetta




And still - wow. Quite the visual and audial mixup by the same guys that gave us "The Matrix" Tri-Mix.


Definitely you have to listen and listen closely to all of it - lots of stuff'n information being said, besides being shown. Defintiely enjoyed the few 'twists' that ocurred here and there.


Natalie Portman is great in it. I think the range she goes thru before and after 'the shave," is quite something and to be remembered when Oscar noms are happening, next year.


Hugo Weaving is pretty good and 'articulate' all things mask-ish, considered... Hard part to pull off, and I think he does it very well.


All in all, worth a look-see on the Big Screen. And Big Ben done blow up real good, uh huh.


(EDIT: Couple more spelling corrects.)

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Saw quite a few movies this past weekend...


V for Vendetta - 9/10 I loved it. Just great. I myself didnt see the matches to Iraq and Al'queda and all that, to me it was more Hitler like, but still a very good movie.


The Hill Have Eyes - 7/10 Good. Some jump parts. Some people just wouldnt die...LOL. Bad guys only use the guns, good guys have to use axes and stuff.


History of Violence. 5/10 Stupid movie. Been done before. Just not into it really.


The Weatherman. 6/10 OK movie. Kind of left some things hanging at the end but I enjoyed it.


Grizzlyman. 4/10 Glad he got eaten. Should have put the audio of it in the movie. He deserved it.


Lord of War 6/10 Not bad, but I stopped watching about halfway through.

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I just saw V for Vendetta. My dad took me to see it because of how interesting it is and reviews. It was amazing. The R rateing comes from the political correctness rather than violence IMO. After seeing this movie you relize that the situation we are in is slightly similar to the movie. It makes you realize that the government will go very far for power. The action sequences are very classy and unlike any I have ever seen. I highly recommend seeing this movie. 9/10!


I saw Ladder 49 last night. It makes you appreciate the firefighters in 9/11. I dont really want to say much else so I dont ruin the movie. 7/10!

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V for Vendetta 9/10


Wow, this is a very good and powerful movie. It really makes you think about our governments. It's a unique film, one that makes you happy seeing the Parliment blow up. My dad and I found this a lot better then Peter Jackson's King Kong.

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Yeah, Jackson's King Kong had some great effects, and I was thrilled when I first saw it, but there were a few lingering problems.


1. The silent moments between Kong and Ann are just a bit too strained and rather akward.


2. I'm normally in favor of a steady build-up, but it took a bit too long to start the whole expidition.


3. The part of the stong, mentor-ish black guy, who naturally gets killed off half-way through the film, along with any other ethnic cast member. I'm not complaining for the sake of political correctness, heavens no...but it IS rather cliched these days, and Jackson should know better than to fall into cliches.


Other than that, I'll at least say this film was WAY better than Kong's awful 1976 remake.

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Movie Night!


Everytime I go to my dad's house we rent a bunch of movies. This time we rented Ed Wood, Lost in Translation, Jarhead, and Memoirs of a Geisha.


Ed Wood was my favorite. It's the humorous, and true, story of the "worst director ever" who befriended Bela Lagoski (Dracula!) and wore women's clothes. Ed was played by Johnny Depp and the movie was directed by Tim Burton.


Lost in Translation was good too. I loved the shots of Tokyo, and Bill Murray's improvising during the whiskey photo shoots.


Jarhead...meh, I'm not a big fan of war movies, and this didn't seem very much different from other war movies I've seen.


I'm going to watch "Memoirs" tonight!

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I rewatched my DVD of Blade Runner recently...now there's a sci-fi movie that's managed to hold up well over the years, mainly because you learn something new every time you watch it. A real credit to Ridley Scott's eye for detail.


Granted, this is a movie that not too many people "get". I for one had some assistance, having read Paul Sammon's wonderful book "Future Noir", which gives an excelent account of Blade Runner's production, the initial failure of its theatrical release, then its growing popularity on home video, that lead to a cult following that exists today, and luckily isn't as in-your-face goofy as the Star Wars cult (From what I've seen anyway.)


Anyway, for the uninitiated, Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard, a downtrodden elite officer from Los Angeles in the year 2019, a dismal and dark place where it always rains, and artiificial humans known as "replicants" are used as off-world slave labor...4 of them come to Earth illegaly, and Deckard is put on the case to kill, or "retire" all four of these replicants.


But that's just a part of it...Blade Runner has to be seen, not described. From the huge sets, fabulous minatures, bizzare, but memorable performances, to the wonderful synth music of Vangelis.


You may like it, and you may not. At least give this film a shot, if you haven't already.

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